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    I would like to introduce a great freelancer site.It's a virtual market place between buyers and sellers of IT services from all over the world.I had several succesful Online Jobs ,so I really like it,and it's free. Work from home online jobs:.NET, C/C++,Flash, Java,MySQL, Script Installation, Website Security, ASP, Cold Fusion, Delphi, Graphic Design, Javascript, PHP, Visual Basic, Perl/CGI, XML..and many more. There are other not so technical jobs: You can still earn money doing things everybody knows.You can do many "non-technical" things. Some of them are data research/collection (finding specified info on the web), data entry(mostly copy/paste), translation and many more. Just check out the jobs database, and you will find hundreds of fresh freelance jobs to choose from, plus a wealth of advice and information. All these jobs and many more are available for you to apply for right now.