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  1. roundobi

    Final Cut Express HD 3.5 Crash On Startup

    Success! The problem lies in the final cut express user file. I erased that and everything was a-ok. The final cut user file is in ~/Library/Prefrences/Final Cut User Data Erase that whole thing, you will just have to setup your prefrences and scratch disks again!
  2. I have final cut express HD, and use it a ton. Just recently i turned it on and it would not start up. I can not find any information anywhere, except macfixit. I do not have a macfixit account so i cant get to the article due to its age. It seems to be audio drivers, because its the last thing that comes up. I will attach a crash log for it so you can try and make heads or tails of it. The macfixit page (if anybody has wants to look real quick for me) is the following: http://www.macfixit.com/article.php?story=20060531095430382 I want to try and get back to working but i cant without final cut express. One other detail, soundtrack and livetype work just fine. Thanks
  3. roundobi

    LG cu500 Sync With OS X

    I have a LG cu500, and want a better way to sync with my address book. I can send vCards one by one, but that is the extent of my syncing. Is there a better way?
  4. roundobi

    iDVD Themes, Other options

    Well, I do video production and my delivery medium is by disc. iDVD has worked out so far, but it is driving me crazy. I have searched everywhere and found a few good themes. But, they all seem to be based for 5.x iDVD. The videos I do would work perfect in dvd studio pro, but I only have final cut express. So, here is the question. I would like some professional looking dvd templates, or a different solution for authoring. Is there anything besides DVD studio pro? (Which I very much want) Thanks.
  5. When i try to download any podcasts on my ibook, running mac os 10.3.9, with the latest itunes, the podcasts will not be added after they download. This is only with video podcasts, and it is driving me crazy. It is only happening on this one ibook, and works fine on all the other macs. I want to use this for my apple tv video podcast server, but not being able to download podcasts, very maddening. How do i get this to stop? Is there anybody else experiencing this problem?
  6. roundobi


    My dock has all the things i use the most. I am a minimalist mac user, and a sysadmin who uses ARD. So, i never have the genie effect turned on. Only hiding. Because when the genie effect is on, it really slows down the remote desktop transfer speed even on lowest quality. And almost all the icons in my dock can get things dropped to them
  7. roundobi

    Silly me!

    Well, i got the extension. Thanks!
  8. roundobi

    Silly me!

    Well, being the smart young pup that i am, I decided to fix the buzzing in my core duo macbook pro, by changing some system extensions. Well, the backup i made of the file is gone, and the file is corrupted. Could anyone lend me a hand and give me the following file out of their core duo macbook pro: Your HD/System/Library/Extensions/IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext i know i could just reinstall os x, but i have some software that has hooks in the system. And reinstalling the system, also takes up more space than i have. Thanks, Roundobi
  9. roundobi


    They are actually not. They fold out into a pillow, then into a blanket. It is not as clear as it should be on the front page.
  10. roundobi


    I am only 14 years old, and I run a few website, and I build PHP backends for websites also. I just started a website for my favorite game of all time. http://www.sketchfighter.com/ I also helped with a website for a new toy called zoobies http://www.zoobiegear.com/
  11. roundobi

    Photo Booth green screen

    I opened my photobooth APP the other day, and it came up with a full green screen. Is there any light on this problem?
  12. roundobi

    Who Buys From MacMall

    I spotted this post by a unfotunate MacMall customer: http://wateronlydries.com/2006/07/modern-d...he-apple-store/ Thanks Roundobi http://www.roundobia.com http://www.sketchfighter.com
  13. roundobi

    Force eject cd from macbook pro

    Turns out that it was a certain Adobe CS2 Cd that was causing the problem. They did replace the drive though. Works great now.
  14. I just recently acquired the domain sketchfighter.com I setup a forum and have other plans for a main website with walkthrough's and such. But i need more people, and was wondering just how popular sketchfighter is? I would love it if anyone could come and check it out. Thanks Roundobi http://www.sketchfighter.com/forum/
  15. Seeing the recent upgrade to the Macbook Pro, I want bigger Harddrive. Does anybody have any suggestions for a new HD? the one i have is just the basic, and i only need a 5400 rpm drive. over 120 GB or more than 120 GB, and preferabbly under $175.00 thanks roundobi