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  1. Hey everyone, I just got a netbook for christmas, running win xp. My ipod is associated, and syncs with my mac mini, which holds all of my media. I want to be able plug my ipod into my netbook while i am out and about, and have my podcasts update on the device... I would love if itunes could do this automatically, but i would also be okay with a sort of hacked together solution using 3'd party software... I know that i will need to reformat my ipod into fat 32 in order to make this work, and i am okay with doing that... i just want to know if the updating part is possible... thanks for any help -matt
  2. mightymatt

    Iphoto wont open music from my itunes library

    Issue Solved: There window that comes up when you click on the music button in iphoto is separated in half. The part with the music and the part with the playlists. The bottom half of the window had disappeared somehow, and just needed to be slid up... hope this helps someone else...
  3. Has anyone solved the following problem: Intel Macbook Running Tiger (10.4.11) Iphoto 6.06 Itunes 8.02 I just upgraded to itunes 8. I have been working on a slideshow in iphoto. Yesterday I was able to click the music button in iphoto and browse through my library... Today after the itunes update, when i click the music button, all of my playlists show up, however, when i try to open those playlist or open my actual library, nothing happens. I researched this issue and apple's help page says to close itunes and iphoto and rebuild your itunes library. I moved itunes library.xml to my desktop and then opened itunes and clicked file> library>import playlist, and imported ituneslibrary.xml from my desktop. this did not work. I deleted itunes library.xml and dragged my itunesmusic folder back into itunes (rebuilding the library from scratch) and it is still broken. Has anyone come across this issue before ? If so, did you find the solution? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!!!!
  4. mightymatt


    where can i go to find the apple refurb price? The overstock price is $149... i've seen the same model new in stores for $189... If i buy refurb from apple, am I able to purchase it with applecare?
  5. mightymatt


    Hey, has any one purchased on overstock before? Specifically electronics... I am looking at a refurb ipod nano, it is $50 less than retail, but I am not sure if it is worth the risk, I was wondering if any one has purchased something like that on overstock before, and whether your experience was positive or negative... also did the product hold up like a new one would? Thanks for your input... I only ask because it has a whole page explaining refurb, and their policies on refurb, but there is nothing specifically on the ipod that is for sale.. I would feel better if they said "this ipod had this wrong with it and we replaced that part.." or "a customer bought this from and then returned it 3 days later"
  6. mightymatt


    I don't mean to sound out of the loop but what does mpd mean? I need to get a new ipod and In order for me to do that I need to upgrage my G4 mac mini from Panther to at least Tiger, would these discs work for me?
  7. mightymatt

    finally held an iphone

    I finally got to hold an iphone. It sure is pretty. Feels Really nice in the hands. The interface looked nice except that The few minutes i spent with the keyboard were extremely frustrating. I really hope that they open it up to 3'd party apps, and maybe release an ipod with wifi sans the cell chip. Now that would be tempting, even at 400-500 (maybe with a 30gig drive instead of flash...)
  8. I updated to itunes 7.3 and it fixed the problem. Very Strange...
  9. mightymatt

    Myth TV on a Mac Mini?

    There is a myth tv live cd, your best bet would be to download that and see if it runs. It is called knopmyth. I think it only supports intel proceessors, but theres a chance that there is a powerpc version that I don't know about. I'm sure that all of your hardware will be okay, but it's always best to try it out first. Also there is probably a list of supported video capture devices, most likely you'll be going with a firewire or usb device. Good luck... http://www.mysettopbox.tv/knoppmyth.html
  10. Just a little back ground info. I'm running itunes 7.2 on a Power PC mac mini, and my ipod is a 5g ipod running software version 1.2.1 formatted for windows. So basically music that I have purchased, burned, and then re-ripped as mp3 will not transfer to my ipod. I get a warning message saying " "Song name" was not transferred to this ipod because it is not in a format that is compatible..." The wierd thing is that this is happening kind of sporadicly. The used lies for the liars, transfers fine, and I ripped it this way, however a bob marely album that I recently purchased will not transfer. Also, music that I have purchase a long time ago like an O.A.R song will not transfer. I think that it has something to do with a software update, but I haven't been able to find anyone else with the same complain. Has anyone had the same experience? If so, any easy work around? The music plays perfectly in itunes, I'm not sure why it wouldn't transfer other than something apple slipped in there. All of the musice that I purchased was transfered into 192 kb/s mp3's/ Thanks for any info you can provide me..
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Creativ...x_%28DAP%29.jpg Where everything really started... worth mentioning the people who pionered the HDD mp3 player....
  12. mightymatt

    iPhoto's Making Me Angry

    I have to agree that I dislike the way that IPhoto organizes pictures... In my opinion (as a switcher that has used both) Picasa is much simpler to use... but here's the thing that bothers me, I could deal with I photo being "weird" but I hate that the underlying file structure is wierd... I like using a program to help keep me organized but when i want to attach a file from an email I would like the ability to navigate through the folders in a simple manner (which to me is having them in folders by the date you imported them and then a small thumbnail or two showing whats in the folder... Maybe it's easier if you habe 10.4 (which i don't)... I am looking foward to leapord... there just wasn't enough compelling reason for me to switch to tiger but when leopard comes out it will be like getting 2 generations in one..
  13. mightymatt

    ipod alternatives

    okay... sounds awesome.. thanks everyone for your help!
  14. mightymatt

    ipod alternatives

    hey everyone... i'm now leaning towards a nano.. is it anyones concern that the memory might wear out from listening to it constantly?
  15. mightymatt

    ipod alternatives

    yeah I don't know anymore i think i'm gunna get my cash together and then figure that out..