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    Hour and a half until Apple store NYC opens

    Guys, the store is awesome. Steve Jobs WAS there and I got really close as he was talking with some celebs while huge crowds gathered to snap pics and video. Some people I saw shopping in the store: Kevin Bacon, James Woods, and Carson and Jay from Queer Eye. James Woods walked out with a brand new MacBook Pro. I got lots of closeup shots of Steve and ones of the store in general and I will share them with you tomorrow when I return home.
  2. ByTe-SiZe

    Let's help this guy out.

    Looks like he got his iMac and all he has done so far is complained about it. What a jerk... people donate their money to this kid and all he does is say what a pain using the Mac is. I'll bet many people who donated to his fund regret it now! I can't stand when newbies blame the Mac when they have problems. I can say that too because I was a newbie myself last year... but never did I blame the Mac just because I didn't know how to use it. That really makes me mad when people can't take responsibility for their own ignorance and have to blame everything else. Whatever, I guess there are worse things in life lol.
  3. ByTe-SiZe

    Anyone Going to the Opening Tomorrow?

    Uh oh! I can't camp out because I'm not there yet. I was actually planning on being in the city before I knew about the opening so it was a nice surprise to find out several weeks ago that I was going the same time the store is opening. Thanks for the info... when I arrive tomorrow morning I guess I'll go straight there. I hope the people I'm with will understand LOL! I'm the only Mac user in my family and they just don't get it!
  4. I thought there would be a thread on this by now unless I missed it... is anyone here going to the opening tomorrow? I'm going to be in NYC and I want to be there for it but I don't know how early I should get there. I've never been to an opening before but I can imagine the line will be huge so any suggestions as to when I should arrive?
  5. ByTe-SiZe


    I'm sorry... but since day 1 of the talk about a black model, I haven't understood all the hoopla. What's the big deal? Some people are acting like they've never heard of a black laptop and it's some new revelation. I think the black model looks very ordinary... like dozens of other portables on the market by PC-makers. The white is SO much nicer looking and I don't understand why most do not prefer it over the black. Perhaps someone could explain if I've missed something...
  6. I'm not sure why I thought this was so neat, but for some reason I did. I discovered this a couple minutes ago on my iBook. If you have the screen black (I was unpacking from a trip and my computer had been shut down) and hold the back of it up to the light, you can see through to the Apple logo cutout on the other side. At first I thought it was smudge on the screen and I was about to clean it off, but then I noticed it was in the shape of the logo, but backwards. Again, not really THAT exciting I just thought it was neat even though I knew where the logo gets its light from. I guess it doesn't take much to entertain me.
  7. ByTe-SiZe

    iPhoto WON'T Open!! All apps acting strange!!

    Ok thanks! I do keep everything in their default location. Just one more question. I don't have an external drive or anything like that... once I make the copy, should I just burn to CD's?
  8. ByTe-SiZe

    iPhoto WON'T Open!! All apps acting strange!!

    Unfortunately I'm home right now and my discs are at school. I guess I'll have to hold off until Sunday when I go back. I'll do a full backup in the meantime. I do not have the .Mac backup app thing.. should I get that or is it just as easy to do it manually? Edit: BTW I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help!
  9. ByTe-SiZe

    iPhoto WON'T Open!! All apps acting strange!!

    I could be wrong because I'm not a pro at this, but my iPhoto library folder looks a little messy with some strange files. What SHOULD and should NOT be in that folder? Could this have something to do with it?
  10. Thanks to the people who helped me with my iTunes problem. That is over now; however, now I'm having the same problem with iPhoto, only worse! I went to launch the app and I got a Welcome to iPhoto window as if I had never used it before but then the whole app crashed. Now every time I click on it it says "loading photos" and then just crashes. I can't even get it to open! Just like with iTunes, no files were changed, moved, or tampered with in anyway. I only have around 550 photos in my library. Also, the other day I launched iChat and I got a "Welcome to iChat AV" page and was prompted to set up an account. The strange part was my old account was still there. What is going on with my system? I hate to say this, but it's acting like a PC with a virus. Why might everything be having problems out of nowhere and what should I do about iPhoto? I'm really getting concerned.
  11. ByTe-SiZe


    Hi there! I guess you can disregard the PM I sent you. I actually had just thought of that and tried it out before I saw your post and I think that did the trick. Thank you SO much for your help. I think I will try out your app! Thanks again!
  12. ByTe-SiZe


    Ok... I dragged my iTunes music folder to iTunes and it worked, but now every time I try to reopen iTunes it happens again and again. This has happened now 5 or 6 times. I'm so frustrated! Thanks so much for helping me! Edit: Now EVERY time I open iTunes it tells me I don't have a valid library and has created a new damaged library. I'm up to damaged library 7!
  13. ByTe-SiZe


    Everything has been working just fine but I just went to open iTunes and I got an error message about damaged files and I clicked ok and my library only loaded 39 songs. I haven't messed around with anything so I don't know why this happened. I have backups and all my files are still on the computer. How do I rebuild my library?! What could've caused this to happen?
  14. Hey that's MY Apple Store too!!