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    Squeezing the mighty mouse works great. I find I use this feature on my desktop computer much more than my macbook.
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    All Apple

    For a long time I have been building my own systems and I started back in the windows 3.11 days. I went to linux around 2000 (actually on new years eve 1999 I installed mandrake for the first time) and used various distributions over the years. All the while I have always needed to keep a windows computer around just in case. All of this has changed now and I feel as though I have been missing out on something awesome by not being a mac user all these years. Back in August of last year my wife got a mac book pro. Normally I would have been against buying a mac due to the incompatible processor. But now that they have intel chips I told her to have fun and to install bootcamp just in case. Shortly after the machine came into the house I was drawn to it. The styling of the machine was awesome and it seemed to just do things without any configuration. The OS was a work of art compared to windows and linux. It seemed like one continuous whole instead of a bunch of different programs that have been made to work together. Automator was a work of genius as far as I was conserned and spell check was built into just about everything I was in love, and i thought "this is how a computer should be".. It shouldn't be a fight to get it to do the things that you want it to do. It should just do it and it seemed like the mac helped me get my work done instead of fighting me. A couple of weeks after she got her machine I ran out and got my own macbook pro for school and work. I still had my desktop machine and planned on building a vista computer. Over the months I found myself using the laptop for more than just business and school I wanted to use it for everything! My desktop machines started to collect dust and hardly ever got any use. Then vista came out and I built a machine for it and gave the new OS a shot. Even though it was good looking and at first it seemed like I was going to finally enjoy a windows OS, its true colors started to come through. I got random blue screens for some reason and I was banging my head against the wall when some programs just wouldn't work with vista. I was finally done with windows. I sold my linux box and the new vista computer to a couple of friends. I took the money and went to the apple store to get a desktop machine. I finally ended up with a quad core macpro. I really don't need all the power the macpro offers but I know I didn't want an imac. The fact that the monitor is built into the computer just seems wrong to me. I also like having the option of doing my own upgrades and adding internal drives as I need them. So now i am a full time mac user and I brag to my friends about all the cool things the mac does right out of the box. When asked about what I use for protection against spyware and virus i just say, "those don't exist in the mac world yet". I have a couple of people saving right now for a imac or a mini because they love what the mac offers. I'm still new to this OS and I have tons of questions and I look forward to learning a lot from this forum. Please bare with me if I ask some stupid questions. I will use the search extensively, but I know some bone head question will pop out every once in a while. --James
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    firefox media

    I have been searching for an answer to this question and I havent found anything yet. When I click on a mpg or some other video file on a website how do I get firefox and safari to open the quicktime player externally instead of playing the file in the browser itself? I don't always want to save the file I just want to use quicktime player to view the file. When I click on wmv files in firefox they open the quicktime player externally which is exactly what I want for all video file types.