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  1. It is running OS 9.2 w 333 processor (or thereabouts...the specs aren't in front of me) and 256 MB of memory w a 6G hard drive (this still makes me laugh out loud...my iPhone has a 8GB hard drive). But she'll just be playing online Flash-based games on it. I'd like to download or find cheap game software for her, too (she's 8). Help needed: Link to the best Flash download Link to the best browser download (of if the IE 5 that is on there is best, let me know that) Link to gaming downloads Thanks so much! The Maccast Forums never let me down. :-)
  2. MyJRNY

    Cheap iMac for my daughter

    I think I have both Panther & Tiger lying around here. I'd be concerned that the machine's system resources could handle OSX. You think it's fine? It also is has a version of Netscape Communicator...is that just as bad as IE? Thanks for answering my questions! :-)
  3. So... Yay! I bought a MacBook Pro about 6 weeks ago. Boo... my G4 tower finally shuffled off this mortal coil this week. Yay! They saved my hard drive, put it in a housing (which I refer to as The Urn), and I theoretically have all my data. Boo... I just tried to plug it in to do my Migration Assistant work and there seems to be no connection on the mac. I see something marked firewire, but it isn't the same shape as this traditional plug I have. I'm assuming (and haven't even googled the topic yet) that my new machine is so new that this older plug is no longer supported. BUT... Is there such thing as a plug that is old on one end, new on the other end, and will still move my data without any trouble. This thing has my EVERYTHING on it. I'm trying not to panic. The repair shop is closed until tomorrow, but I'd like to fix this today and if it is as simple as a trip to Best Buy, I'm willing to free myself of the hate I'm having for the repair shop who knew all of this info above and proceeded with Plan Fail. I should have just brought in my machine and had them to the MA. Oh well. Advise me, please! :-)
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    Firewire connection doesn't match

    I did and perhaps I was sold the wrong cable because it does not fit. The one I purchased is that same connection that are on most/all cameras. It is close, but it still doesn't fit. Thanks for responding to my question, though. It's frustrating when simple things get complicated! :-)
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    Saving SMS Messages

    I have a 6-week long SMS dialogue on my iPhone that I would like to download, save, and print. I could take to the grueling task of transcribing it, but certainly there's another way??? Help! :-)
  6. So, the G4 PowerMac won't go to sleep on its own and has be exhibiting this atrocious behavior for about 3 days. It also will not shut down from the apple menu. When I have to turn it off, I press and hold one of them power buttons (either one on the tower or the one on the apple display). Why turn it off, you say? Well, when I've walked away from the computer for a while (probably the 15 minutes I've set in the energy saver) the display goes to sleep but shaking the mouse and tapping the keyboard does not wake it up. I've also noticed that my mighty mouse has lost all but the basic (non-mighty) function. I ran Disk Utility did all the repair/verify permissions stuff, booted up in safe mode, and booted from my Tiger disk. I also ran Disk Utility from the Tiger DVD. Still, it is making me crazy. What else can I do before I have to call a Genius or a faux Genius? Otherwise the machine is working fine. Everything running like normal. Thanks for any and all advice!
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    Mac won't sleep/mac won't wake

    I want to die. So far, it is not going well. This PowerPC is headed to the shop tomorrow...pretty sure. I tried a ton of things, including all of the above suggestions, and nothing worked. So I bought an external drive and used Carbon Copy Cloner and cloned the hard drive. Then I erased and re-installed Tiger. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, my friends. Because (I assume) of my slow firewire connection (don't have usb 2.0), the cloning and whatnot took all day. I did back up iTunes to a DVD and all my unbacked-up photos to a CD, which added a few hours. But holy lord am I done with this.... Right now none of the apps work, save for the ones that I'm allowed to drag over to the applications folder from the external drive. It is only letting me drag a few, including (thankfully) Firefox. I'll share more as details unfold as I feel this is a learning experience in progress (like, learn to save for a new mac every three years, buy Applecare, and save the enormous headaches of having to DIY).
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    Mac won't sleep/mac won't wake

    Things are getting wonkier and wonkier. I thought it was just limited to just my user account, but my husband swears that he was having issues with his account too (though not to the extent I am). I rarely get the spinning ball when i try to shut down from the apple menu. It just does nothing. Last night after I closed some of my apps, the icons in the dock stopped functioning. And I no longer can get my traditional finder window, just a plain window with my hard drive icon in it. I think I'll spend all my spare time from here on out backing up so I can reinstall this weekend. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll update in a few days in case its useful to some other clueless user. :-)
  9. I was trying to tell my very part-time IT person that I wanted my company's simplified logo to replace the generic ball in the address window of the web browser. He said it was impossible. I said no. He said impossible. I said, really? How do all these other companies do it? Which companies, he said.... So I opened up a slew of small and fortune 500 companies who all had this feature that I wanted. I don't even know the name of this thingy. I'll google my brains out once I know what it is called and send him instructions on how to get it in there. Who can help me??? Thank you!!!!
  10. Where can I find (I'm running Windows XP on the PC) the PC network address. While I am waiting to get the new iMac connected to the internet (see previous post, especially if you can help), I'd like to kill time by bringing over my old files, Outlook info, and installing software. I am assuming that the pc network address is somewhere here on the old pc.... I just can't figure out where. Thanks!!!
  11. I easily found the IP address, but I'm looking for something called a "ShareName." Ideas?
  12. I'm trying to use the Network Assistant. I'm in a small office and we have cable internet brought to the building where it is networked to 7 stations, one of which is a server. I'm putting all the settings into the LAN "connect using a static IP address" window and nothing seems to be working, though the settings are the same that is on the PC in my office. I have a "network administrator" coming in later today (who was here for an hour yesterday and couldn't figure it out), but I'd love to decipher this before he gets here.
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    Thanks everyone. Good news all around. :-)
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    I just ordered a 20" iMac for work but skipped Office 2004 because all the girls in my offce (Dells) have Office 2007. I thought, "2007-2004=3, certainly Office for Mac is due for an update." Please tell me I'm right. I have an Office '01 I'm bringing from home to tide me over for word processing and stuff. Any thoughts?
  15. I bought an Airport card (not express) on ebay last week from a reputable seller. Last night I was so stoked thinking that I could just plug it in and watch it go like I did when I bought a wireless card for my iBook. No such luck. I have a G4 Powermac and it seems to be recognizing the card, but the card is not recognizing the network. Things I've done: 1. Double-checked that it is all the way plugged in. 2. Spent an hour with tech-support with my ISP. 3. Ran software update. I know the name of my network and the password, but even when I try to manually enter it it won't work. Tell me some things I can try to get it to work. I'll probably take the card into the Genius Bar sometime this weekend, but I'd love to solve this on my own.
  16. MyJRNY

    My new (old) Airport card

    Well, I don't have a base station. I have a 2WIRE modem that I got when I subscribed to my ISP. Knowing its age, I can't imagine that it is g only. Any other thoughts?
  17. Well, the verdict so far is that it needs a new logic board. About $300 plus $100 for labor and then tax. Other than the logic board problem, this has been an excellent computer. I love, love how fast it is and we bought it used with lots of books, software (including an older adobe suite), accesories and an apple display for about $700 about a year ago. My dilema right now is whether or not to keep it. Should I spend the $400+ to fix it or take that $400 and put it towards the top-of-the-line refurbed Mini? If the new logic board fixes everytihing and the computer trucks on for a few more years, than I am completely comfortable with keeping it. But is the crapped out logic board a sign of things to come, or is this just something that happens to an older tower? I don't want to fix it and then something else go belly up in 3 months. When I bought this tower it was shipped to me from Virginia (if I remember right) and I'm in Oklahoma. Could this part have been damaged in transit and eventually broke from being moved around in my care. (I took in into the shop 2 wks ago because it wouldn't power on. Resetting the PMU brought it back to life.) The mini is around the same computer that the G4 tower is, except it has wireless and bluetooth (which we don't have but would like), a bigger hard drive, iLife '06, and a few other updated software items. Ugh. I just need some advice. Maybe someone here has been through a similar situation?
  18. Here's what happened: Was chatting on the phone with a friend and moved my mouse to check my e-mail. I noticed that the arrow was frozen and after tapping the keyboard, realized that the whole thing was frozen. Turned off the computer (HATE doing that). Waited. Turned back on. Waited for it to boot up. Right at about the time the OS should start to load, nothing happens--just normal humming sounds but no loading type sounds. Then, with the screen still black, it makes this awful noise. It is a little bit quieter than a blow-dryer, but NOT a normal fan sound. It is quite definitely a loud, LOUD fan sound. What can I do? My DH has two files that he needs to print off of it by tomorrow lunchtime for a couple of job interviews. Can I boot it up in target disk mode onto my iBook and at least get the files we need? And maybe my iTunes and iPhoto library files. Quicken data? I will take it to an Apple service center ASAP, but we need into the computer before we'll have time to have it repaired. Ack! Help!
  19. MyJRNY

    Crisis with my G4 Powermac!

    I don't have a 6 pin to 6 pin firewire cable. Can I do TDM with an ethernet cable instead? I've done file sharing that way, but have never done a TDM. I rebuilt his resume for his interviews today and he'll just live without the letter of reccomendation until I can retrieve it. If the G4 had done this earlier in the day, I could have gone out to get the right cable. But darn if the 7-11 doesn't sell firewire cables. ;-) After I get home today I'll try your suggestions. I *really* hope I can get it to run in TDM. I haven't backed up my iPhoto in months. :::sigh::: At least we have the iBook.
  20. I am slowly, and with only a few mistakes so far, putting together my home wireless network. I am having quite the problem finding an affordable option for my G4 Quicksilver. Airport cards on ebay have gone up quite a bit since I last looked a few months ago. So far, I have found very, very few USB wireless adapters for the G4. My question is, can I put a wirelss router on my DSL modem, and then a wirless access point on the G4? Or does it *need* to be a network adapter? And is it OK to mix and match brands, or does your network work better when everything is Belkin or everything D-Link, or whatever? And if I'm correct, the adapters HAVE to say mac compatible or they won't work. Right? And can the device I put on the G4 be 802.11g or does it need to be 802.11b? OK, I think that is all the questions I have for now. I seems that I get it all figured out, then I try to shop and all these other questions pop up. Thank goodness for the maccast forums!
  21. I'd love advice or links to useful, specific articles on how to network my home wirelessly. I have a 12" iBook with an Airport Express card running Panther (soon to be Tiger), a G4 Power Mac Quicksilver (running Jaguar, soon to be Tiger) and an XBox. The Power Mac does not have an airport card, though I could find one on eBay. What I'm looking for is a cheaper solution, something maybe to plug into a USB port or something. I just know so little about how to do this. If I knew the names of all the devices I need, then maybe I could start doing proper research on it all. I know I need a wireless router, but I'd like to go 3rd party just to save money. I can't use the G4 as a router because it is nowhere near a phone jack. Right now we've got a 50' ethernet cable that we string into the office from the DSL modem that sits hidden behind a chair in the living room. We're tried of tripping on it. :-) Then I need something to plug into the XBox, and I have no idea what kind of device I'm supposed to use. So, really, any help is appreciated. If you can reccommend good devices, great! If you can give tips or tricks or a complete how-to, I'll take it. [/i]
  22. MyJRNY

    Wirelessly networking my home

    Thanks for the advice! I've been shopping online today and have another question. Do I need to worry about compatibility issues, like wireless devices not being mac compatible? Or can I pretty much pick anything, as long as it is a brand I've heard of and of good quality? And refurbs usually OK or something to avoid in wireless devices?
  23. I bought a refurbed iBook G4 last fall that runs Panther. It, of course, came with all the Panther CDs (since it is only a CD drive). Earlier this year I bought a G4 PowerPC from a friend that is running Jaguar. Can I take the iBook CDs and install the Panther OS on my PowerPC, even though the CDs say iBook on them?
  24. MyJRNY

    iBook Panther CDs on my G4?

    OK-- thanks for the advice. Another question: can I buy the full version of Tiger and put it on both macs, even though my iBook only has a CD drive?
  25. I have a G4 with the mirrored doors, running 10.2.8 that I bought used from a trusted friend. When I set it up, I noticed in my handy Robin Williams book that she mentioned partitioning the hard drive was a good thing to increase performance and whatnot, so I did it. I had no idea what I was doing, really. I should have left it alone. I made 4 partitions, 3 were about 15 gigs each and then I made the 4th about 70 gigs, thinking it would be a good space for storing whatnot giant files. Like the DVD projects I intend to do. Not super high profile projects, but things like converting my DV tapes to disc and making Christmas presents. Typical mommy stuff. Well, one of my partitions (the one with the OS on it) is almost full and I don't know what to do. I thought when I set this up that I could keep all my applications on one partition, the OS on one partition, my projects on one partition, etc... But that isn't possible, right? Do I have to install the OS on each partition? That seems like an awfully reduntant way of doing things and a way to fill up the hard drive unneccesarily. I'm so confused and wished I left well enough alone. Resizing partitions requires erasing and staring all over again, right? Which means I need to back up EVERYTHING twice and redo it all. Which leads me to my next dilema, how do I back up everything? Carbon Copy Cloner? I don't have it, but I could get it. Would I just redo everything and then drop the CCC file(s) into the HD and boom, it all works? I feel like a complete idiot that I have done all of this. I've been a mac user for 5+ years, but with more of a, "What I don't know won't kill me," philosophy, but I don't want to be that way anymore. I want to really USE this mac (and my iBook and iPod) to their fullest capabilities. And I want to properly care for my macs, but I am just so lost. I don't know about proper maintenance or anything. I'd like to upgrade to Tiger, but I don't want to compound my issues before I get them all squared away. I so want to be savvy so that my prowess will impress my friends and family and I can make my father a SWITCHER. I'd love to get him a mini for Christmas so that I'll be able to help him with his computer issues. (No Dad, I don't know why it is taking your heathen machine 16 hours to defrag. How about trying a sledgehammer and a trip to the Apple store?) If you made it to the end of this post, thank you. If you can help me, double thank you.