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    Software Update doesn't work

    Yeah I figure that I may just have to do that. I've found no answers to the problem. Not even on the apple support site. It's weird since I just did a clean install of Tiger only 3 months back.
  2. michaeljosh

    iPod nano Autopsy

    This Japanese guys must have a lot of money, or a twisted brain to have done this nano autopsy. You can find the photos here. All I can say is, I wish he gave it to me instead.
  3. michaeljosh

    Software Update doesn't work

    I've experienced this problem for several months now, dating back to before the last iPhoto update. Everytime I try to use software update it proceeds with downloading the file, however whenever it is finished I get this error message: <b>The update "xxxxxxxxx" can't be installed.</b> Software Update could not expand the package correctly. I've tried repairing disk permissions and resetting PRAM I think but to no avail. I have to manually download everytime something new comes out. My friend, an engineer from Apple Singapore tells to download manually instead. Grrr! I just want it to work since I know it should. Has anybody experienced this? Can anyone offer a solution? Would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance!
  4. michaeljosh

    BIG Question - nano or shuffle

    I'd say with the gloss finish of the nano i'd say it'd be less painful to drop a shuffle. I like the shuffle too because you can also use it as a flash drive. On the other hand the nano is just an amazing piece of art that's too difficult to resist.
  5. michaeljosh

    iTunes 5.0

    I really like the new interface. Almost like a plastic, buttonie, almost aqua feel to it. I've noticed they are also using the same effects on their quicktime site. Does anyone think that this new look (in lieu of brushed metal) is the way things are headed as far as interface is concerned? Could this be the new look of apps in Leopard?
  6. I've been a Nokia user ever since, not only because it is the top selling brand in my country but also because of its easy to use interface. I'm just a bit pissed off with them because they keep on releasing models like there is no tomorrow. A good phone is usually outdated in a couple of months. Sony Ericcson on the other hand is the most popular brand in my local Mac users group mainly because its compatibility with the Mac. I actually have my eyes set on the K750i as my next phone. I don't particularly like Motorola as their units are not that pretty (even the Razr didn't appeal to me). I would have wanted Apple to go with Sony Erriccson but don't think trhey could since Sony produces competing products. I don't like this new iTunes compatible phone either, it doesn't have that jaw dropping quality to it, and its features don't justify its price tag.
  7. michaeljosh

    No more hp branded iPods

    The whole thing never made sense to me. I'm glad this happened.
  8. michaeljosh

    apples 2 button scroller!

    Here a link to Mighty Mouse.
  9. michaeljosh

    Vista beta screen shots, does anybody really care?

    I'm interested. Thanks for the link.
  10. michaeljosh

    Printer sharing on Windows network

    Same problem here guys. I've never been able to print from my PowerBook to our shared network computer. I'm one of the very few people on this Windows Network. Any step by step suggestions? I've tried browsing for the printer, IP Printing, HP Printing none seem to work. Can it be that the PC which the Printer is connected too does not have drivers for the Mac or isn't enabled to support the Mac?
  11. michaeljosh

    The Michael Josh Show!

    This is my first attempt at promoting my podcast. The Michael Josh Show is already a couple of months old, I'd like to believe that it covers tech, sports, entertainment, and life in general. One episodes that I'm particularly proud of is a Sound Seeing Tour from the Louvre which I recorded in May. I also started blogging again recently, after going on a long hiatus. I cover topics from technology to politics to everything else in between. Links can be found in my sig below. Cheers guys!
  12. michaeljosh

    How to create a Podcast?

    Kristian to simplify things you might want to try a program called Feeder to create and RSS feed for you. Send me an email at thecybeprince {at} michaeljosh{dot}com I'll see what I can do.
  13. michaeljosh


    Same here. Something wrong?
  14. michaeljosh


    I think you're looking for a webhost. There are a lot of good ones out there. If you plan to upload podcasts look for one that offers a lot of disk space and bandwidth at a reasonable cost. Try Vizaweb.com and Dreamhost.com. I use Vizaweb and they are pretty cheap.
  15. michaeljosh

    I need help promoting my site

    You should start thinking up ways to promote your website. Identify your target audience and focus your efforts on reaching out to them.