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  1. Thanks John - so is screen-capture of the PowerPoint deck really the only way to do it? Good idea about the talking head - but unfortunately in this instance I don't have a video of the person doing the talk.
  2. Although I'm relatively experienced with Macs and have worked with video in the past, I'm currently a bit stuck on the best overall approach to a project I have at the moment. I have an audio recording in MP3 format of a talk and corresponding PowerPoint slides. I need to combine these into a YouTube video, so that the PowerPoint slides advance in time with the talk - this will require manual input, as the slides are not timed. I thought that PowerPoint 2008 (the version of Office that I have at my disposal) had this functionality built in, via the File >> Save as Movie... option, but it doesn't seem to work properly - even if I setup the slide transition timings, the movie file produced is 2 seconds long, goes straight to the final point without any transitions and does not include the selected background audio track. So I'm looking at other options to get this done. One option is Camtasia 2 for Mac - in essence using it to capture a screen grab of the PowerPoint deck being advanced in time to the recorded audio. However I anticipate that this will probably produce very, very large video files, as the audio recording is 30 mins long. Camtasia 2 isn't cheap at £80, plus I also had an old version of Camtasia Studio for Windows back around 2003 and it was very, very buggy indeed. So I'm rather hesitant to drop that much cash on another product from the same company. Does anyone know of a better way to do this, using free, or more affordable good quality software which will produce a reasonable quality end result? Many thanks, Andrew
  3. andyeb

    Live video monitoring app

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. In the end I had to pay extra for an app called VideoGlide Capture, since it seems my capture card does not implement the standard programming interfaces, so normal apps like VLC, Quicktime, Quartz Composer can't see the device. It works, but I had hoped for better for a Roxio branded product - should have just bought the cheaper no-name products off eBay which it turns out have the same chips inside. thanks again, Andrew
  4. andyeb

    Live video monitoring app

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know of an app that will let you view a live video stream (e.g. camcorder, USB capture card) on the screen in a window? I don't want to record it or do anything with it at the moment, I just want to view what's coming into my composite video >> USB capture device on the screen. thanks, Andrew
  5. andyeb

    Grey-Smoky display?

    It's most likely the display back light becoming uneven. This happened a lot on my first generation MacBook Pro and is starting to happen to my 3.5 year old 24" iMac. Hopefully my next iMac will have an LED backlight, as I understand these don't tend to have the same problems with the backlight becoming uneven over time.
  6. I have a brand new MacBook Pro 15" with a Thunderbolt port and I need to connect it to a monitor with a VGA input. Do I need a special Thunderbolt to VGA adapter or will a Mini Displayport to VGA adapter do? I can't find any information relating to this on the Apple website.
  7. andyeb

    Snow Leopard tune up

    Many thanks for the replies. I've tried a few times to use Activity monitor to get a grip on what's slowing the system down, while it's beach-balling and thrashing the hard disk - usually it seems to be one of those "daemon" processes (i.e. the ones ending in "d" like securityd or fseventsd). iDefrag was one of the first things I tried. Oh and both systems have 4GB of RAM.
  8. andyeb

    Snow Leopard tune up

    Hi everyone, I have two Macs (24" iMac, 15" MacBook Pro) that have been running Snow Leopard for about 9 months now. They are used pretty intensively and recently have been slowing to a crawl - lots of beach-balling, taking ages to stop thrashing the disk after login etc. These both used to be pretty nippy systems and both have maxed out RAM. Things I've already tried: - Full reboots - freeing up hard disk space. Both machines have at least 25% free disk space. - repairing permissions - chucking out a few login items I don't use any more (like TextExpander) - ditching all but the bare essential dashboard widgets - iDefrag full defragment. This probably provided the biggest improvement of all. - Oynx scripts & maintenance All of these things seem to have helped a little bit, but not brought the performance back to what it was when the systems were new. I'm tempted to backup, wipe the disk and re-install everything. However I can't really afford the time to do this. It seems like OS X 10.7 is a very long way off and I can't see my current installs lasting until then (I typically do a fresh install every time a new major version of the OS comes out, like Adam does). So does anyone else have any tips/suggestions to try and eke a bit more life out of my existing installs of Mac OS X Snow Leopard? thanks, Andrew
  9. andyeb

    Anyone tried Secondbar?

    Today I heard about Secondbar on Twitter, which provides a second menu bar on dual-display setups: http://blog.boastr.net/?page_id=79 Has anyone tried this and got any feedback? thanks, Andrew
  10. andyeb

    iPhone 4 - painfully slow wifi

    Not been able to try another network yet unfortunately. Actually the problem seems to be intermittent - sometimes it runs full tilt and other times its at snails pace. There seem to be rumours circulating of a possible 4.0.1 update coming out on Monday. Maybe this will fix it? Here's hoping.
  11. andyeb

    iPhone 4 - painfully slow wifi

    I've been experiencing painfully slow wifi performance (about 1/4 the speed of 3G performance) while connected to Wi-Fi. I tried following the advice given in an Apple Support article which suggested resetting network settings. I then had to re-enter the password for my wi-fi and it seemed better for a few minutes while after doing that. But then it's back to snails pace again. Has anyone else see this? My Wi-Fi router is a Linksys WAG325N with firmware v1.00.12. It's working fine with several macs, an iPad, an iPod Touch and an iPhone 3GS. It's only the iPhone 4 which has this problem. I can load a given web page on both my iPhone 4 and 3GS and the 3GS normally finishes before the iPhone 4 has even loaded the page title. It's that bad! Any ideas or suggestions appreciated! thanks, Andrew
  12. andyeb

    Folding laptop stand recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendations guys. I'm really looking for something that will fold up and slip in a laptop bag though - something that's really designed to be taken on the road with you.
  13. Hi everyone, I already have an iCurve laptop stand that I use in the office to lift my 15" MacBook Pro (early 2008/pre-unibody) off the desk to a comfortable height to avoid neck strain. However I'm currently doing a lot of work on client sites, so am looking for a portable solution. Does anyone have any recommendations in this area? thanks, Andrew
  14. andyeb

    Finder preview feature broken

    Yup all the files are all openable - it seems to be a system-wide problem, not just a certain set of files. In fact I've noticed that where I used to get a preview of image files as the file icon, I now just get a generic file icon instead. All the files are on the local HDD, which is the startup volume.
  15. I've got a strange problem with the Finder on my Mac at the moment (OS 10.6.3). When I have the Finder set to column view (which is most of the time), when I click on a file I just get a grey spinner where I would normally see a preview of the file, or at least an icon. If I open Get Info for the file, again the preview is replaced by a grey spinner which just keeps going indefinitely. Does anyone have any idea what's wrong and how I might go about fixing it? thanks, Andrew