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    PCMCIA SATA card that works on Mac?

    From what I've read the "up to" rates per drive are actually slower (200Mbps) than FireWire, but the sustained rates seem about equal. Where SATA excels (again from what I've read as I've yet to do any "real" tests) is in RAID striping where I've regualrly seen quotes of over 500Mbps in 4 drives stripes. Apparently the more drives in a RAID the faster since each SATA has its own bus (not sure if "bus" that is the correct term) instead of sharing one.
  2. lazymonkey

    Wireless network and CPU usage

    While related to my previous question this is a different topic: My G5 is connected to our network via Airport. If my wife connects to an external drive attached to the G5 via the network and accesses the drive to update her iPod (our individual music libraries our each over 90GB currently) will this affect my computer at all? I'm thinking no, but then even if just acting as a conduit to the external I assume my machione has to be involved at some level. I do a lot of video editing on my G5 so I'm concerned about any CPU siphoning,but I'm also trying to keep things in our set-up as easy as simply... ideally I would prefer getting another machine to be a hub or at least a networkable like the new LaCie models coming out but I just bought a lot of new equipment so I'd rather not add something else to the already exceeded budget I promised I would keep.
  3. Does anyone know if these (or similar brand) would work on a G4 PowerBook? All the brands I've found online show requirements of Windows this, Windows that. I'm assuming this is for the drivers and not the card itself since a PCMCIA card should theoretically work in any PCMCIA slot. I'm trying to standardise our drives so my wife can access a SATA on her laptop instead of having to connect to it via Target Mode to my G5 or having to buying a new FireWire or network drive to replace a dead one (which was backed up on a SATA through the G5). Thanks.