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    ibook screen colors reversed

    One way I find helpful in avoiding this problem is to turn off keyboard shortcuts for Universal access - under the Keyboard and Mouse Preference Pane --> Keyboard Shortcuts. - Unless of course you need Universal access!!
  2. Alan

    Tiger on a g3?

    Hi desertrose, yep Tiger can be installed on it and yep, there was a version put out on CDs. How easy it is to get a set I don't know. Another way of installing it is to boot the iBook into Target mode (hold down the 'T' key when booting) and then connecting it via firewire to a machine with a DVD drive. (this method assumes you have access to a machine with a DVD drive and that you have a firewire cable). Run the installer on the machine that has the DVD drive and when it gets to the part where you choose your installation disk, make sure you choose the iBooks one). There are other ways but that is probably the simplest. BTW I am running Tiger on both my G3 800MHz iBook and my G3 350MHz iMac (with no firewire port or DVD drive). So it is definitely possible. Hope this helps. Cheers & Blessings.
  3. Alan

    Please recommend a printer!

    I would investigate a cheap b/w laser printer as you are only printing text. Most of the inkjet printers these days seem to be geared towards photo printing (I would suggest the HP Photosmart printer you had would be one of them). Laser printers tend to give a much sharper text print as there is less chance of the ink/toner bleeding on the paper. Note also that the type of paper you are using will affect print quality especially so with inkjet printers.
  4. Alan

    Mac Mail Questions

    Hi streamcreative, For the signature placement go to the Preferences (under Mail Menu) and click on the signatures icon along the top and make sure the box is checked besides: "Place signature above quoted text" Don't think I can help with the spell checking issue, although these settings are found under the composing icon, maybe having a play there might help with a solution.
  5. Alan

    I backed up... now how to use it?

    OK some clarification required here. Not intended to be rude - a little pointed perhaps, but not rude. You are correct, it doesn't say Apple Backup, but it does say Backup which is the name of the app that Apple supplies as part of a dotMac account. However by checking Backup it is clear that options of how to backup your data were similar to how to mamafonz described her backups: These are all standard scripts within the Backup app which would indicate that this is indeed what she was referring to. Now someone who comes along and offers advice based on what they think and admits they are only guessing then turns around and suggests that the actual correct advice offered by somebody else is only valid under particular circumstances (which just happen to be the circumstances that are in effect here. - Coincidence? I think not!) and comes across in a patronising manner, needs to maybe be a little more careful as to who they are calling rude. Graham, I appreciate that you have been around this forum a lot longer than myself, but please don't assume that this means other people's advice isn't as relevant as your own. As this discussion is now off topic, I will refrain from posting anymore about it. I just hope mamafonz has managed to recover the info she needed. Cheers & Blessings
  6. Alan

    I backed up... now how to use it?

    Of course if you read the original post: You would know that they were referring to Apple Backup! I go for reading over guessing every time!!
  7. Alan

    I backed up... now how to use it?

    Go to your Backup App and click on the "Personal Data & Settings" backup then click restore. You'll be presented with a list of backups sorted by date. Click on the date you want to restore from. Now you will be given a list of settings which should include: Address Book, Keychain, Safari - Tick the box of the ones you want to restore and click 'Restore Selection'
  8. Alan

    iPhoto slideshows

    LOL, first time reading this thread and I got to your second to last post and the thought came into my mind "iMovie" - so glad you found the solution on your own. Aren't Macs grand?
  9. Alan

    Best audio burning software for mac

    Don't know if it will, but one of the more popular burning apps for Mac is Roxio's Toast. Although it isn't free.
  10. Alan

    I must sound like an idiot.

    Glad that it got sorted for you.
  11. Alan

    I must sound like an idiot.

    It sounds like a corrupt preferences file - may have got corrupted after installing those apps, but only showed up when you restarted later. A couple of things worth trying first before reinstalling anything. Create a new user and see if the problem occurs on their desktop. If not ( and I'm guessing it won't) Got to Home/Library/Preferences and delete the 'com.apple.finder.plist' file and restart your computer. Edit: Could also try deleting the 'com.apple.desktop.plist' file as well.
  12. Alan

    internet problems on imac g3

    In fact they will take more RAM. They have two RAM slots - 1 easily accessible, the other not so easy, but possible. It comes with the 32MB in the not so easy slot, so you can add an extra 256MB in the easily accessible slot. (Originally there was a limitation on how much they could take, but with newer and faster RAM, they are able to take more). Yeah Panther is probably the optimum OS to run on them - it can be a bit of a hassle trying to get Tiger on them - although Jaguar ran fairly sweet too.
  13. Alan

    Whats up with updates

    One may be the combo update while the other is just from 10.4.9? Just a thought.
  14. Yeah I have done it with the exact same model. I bought a 40GB HD cheap (apparently it had problems when the PC got hot) off an auction site and put it in the 350MHz iMac. It has been running fine for the last couple of years. The site I used to help me is here. Oh and it's running Tiger with 256MB RAM - If I remember rightly I installed Tiger on it before putting it in the iMac via a Firewire case.
  15. Alan

    Steve's Email

    steve@apple.com - would be my guess!
  16. Alan

    Uh oh.. anyone have a data recovery program?

    You could try Data Rescue II which saved my bacon recently on a failed Hard Drive - you can download a trial copy which allows you to do a complete scan - and recover a very small amount of data - but you will be able to see if it's worth buying if it can recover all your data.
  17. Alan

    Ubuntu on an Imac?

    Just ensure that it is the correct version of Ubuntu for your type of computer. The PPC version is different (i.e. different disks) than the X86 one.
  18. Alan

    I must be retarded but....

    Other than your own concience you mean? just nice
  19. If you have access to another Mac -with Firewire & DVD drive - boot your iBook up into Target Mode (hold down the T key on start up) and connect with the other Mac with a firewire cable. Your iBook should show up on the other Mac as a mounted drive. Run the installation DVD and select your iBook's HD when it comes time to select the Installation Volume. If you don't have access to the required Mac - sorry I can't see how!!
  20. Alan

    God's Mac Podcast

    Update: The God's Mac site has been completely updated and now includes an excellent forum as well.