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    Frontrow on other Macs review

    oh sry about the double post but now DVD playback is enabled on other macs...... get new frontrow from http://www.mcmacsite.com/page55/page55.html
  2. mannymix03

    Frontrow on other Macs review

    works on my 12" powerbook.... yeah and i use a usb remote with it.... works perfect.
  3. mannymix03

    Anyone have the new iMac?

    I have the new 20''er its amazing... its pretty fast and the screen is huge.... i also have an old 17" and the new 20" is thinner.... i thought steve was lying about that.... its a great buy and you will love it.... btw i am a switcher... just 2 months ago i bought my first mac oh and about ctrl-c and ctrl-V just think command.... command "key" is mostly the same as winblows shortcuts
  4. mannymix03

    Reverse Color

    its a negitive.... but cool
  5. mannymix03

    iPod and humidity...

    also dont blowdry it let it dry overtime
  6. mannymix03

    iPod and humidity...

    WAIT DONT TURN IT ON.... leave it to dry for 2-3 days.... this happened to me.... knowing that the water will evaporate and the electronics will dry... as long as you dont try to turn it on it wont short out
  7. mannymix03

    linux on ipod

    i have a 4th gen B/W and ipod linux runs fine on it..... my ipod "color" not photo doesnt.... i talked to a dev and he said that there is more then a name diffrence between the photo and color because he said trying to get it on a color is way harder then getting it on a photo.....
  8. mannymix03

    media center

    i just bought an 65 inch DLP tv and i am lookin for something to use as a media center computer.. many people say mini but i have heard they over head (btw this computer will be in a cabinet with a little air vent in the back. and a screen in the front). so far i have been using my powerbook 12 inch in there but now im getting tired of disconnecting and reconnecting.... if the mini doesnt heat up that much which version should i get... (price wise) for watching movies and playing itunes. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  9. mannymix03

    Open source video editing; REQ assistance!

    umm.... use imovie HD and idvd all came with ilife 05....
  10. mannymix03

    .sit files

    no idea what your talking about...... .sit is a file extension that can be opened with Stuffit expander http://www.stuffit.com/mac/index.html look for stuffit EXPANDER... its the free one
  11. mannymix03

    My idea for the next gen iPod's

    i would love it to have bluetooth because my car has bluetooth...... im such a nerd
  12. mannymix03

    My thoughts on the rumoured iPod Video

    just use jhymn to rip em.....
  13. mannymix03

    G5 iMac fan

    if your really good with electronics..... just replace the fan with a lower rpm fan.... be warned though.... the fan spins fast to eliminate heat... you could get a little too hot by tuning down the rpm if you dont know what you are doing..... My next project.... WATERCOOLING !
  14. mannymix03

    Help with some mac basics please

    yeah its tough..... be happy with your mac.... youll be glad you got it
  15. mannymix03


    The camera can also be any DV camcorder (firewire).If you do purchase an isight (which i have and love) then all you have to do is logon to aim via ichat... and your friend should be able to see you on aim on a WINBLOWS.. pretty simple, btw if you purchase isight also get iglasses http://www.ecamm.com/mac/iglasses/ its only 5 USD and you get free upgrades for life.... Actually there is a way to use your usb webcam that i just thought of http://www.ecamm.com/mac/ichatusbcam/ try that its awesome and u can try a demo..... after that its only 10 USD.... 10 $ compared to 150 on an isight
  16. mannymix03

    Help with some mac basics please

    u really dont have to defrag or anythat crap i mean well i dont and its workin fine for 2+ yrs with no slow down.... more ram is good.... u dont need an antivirus but if your paranoid sure.....
  17. mannymix03

    Mac Mini Question

    yeah make sure u get it from good bittorrent site.... i dl mine and ill i got was a bunch of porn now i have to try again
  18. mannymix03

    Mac Mini Question

    lol i didnt hear a thing
  19. mannymix03

    Let me see your Mac!

    psp in the background??? nice? what firmware? got homebrew?
  20. mannymix03

    Warning IPOD U2 SCAM on Amazon

    i hate people like that... try to lure you away from safe places to steal your money... glad amazon was watchin your back
  21. mannymix03

    Mac Mini Question

    where u get vista? i am greatly looking forward to seeing how they copy mac and linux in it!
  22. mannymix03

    Mighty Mouse annoying clicks...help

    mine used to squeak.... lets just say i neutered it
  23. mannymix03

    Anyone have a TI-89?

    actually the ti-connect program is friendly to my tiger..... check the website dont use the CD the website has newer version...
  24. mannymix03

    iPod mini - "Do Not Disconnect" problem

    1. Reset the iPod. Press and hold "Menu" and "Play" buttons. 2. as soon as ipod logo appears quickly hold down "fast forward" and "rewind" 3. it should say DISK MODE somewhere on the screen, if not try again 4. hook up to computer and run ipod updater and hit RESTORE *note* that will erase your music! but its the only way make sure your music is on your computer, so u can re put it on later this should work, if not post again and tell us it didnt
  25. mannymix03

    How To sell an iBook G3

    alot of scams going on also.... not many people trust online sales like this because it involves alot of money not that your trying to scam anyone, but this is the world we live in. Try to sell it on ebay or something like that, use pay pal, etc just so buyer feels safe. i would love to buy it if i had the money