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  1. Hello All, I currently have my network set up to share file between my macs, through system preferences tab. But on one machine i can not access the files on the user home folder, there are red circles on the folder and it say's i do not have the correct permissions, but i can access the external drive i have linked to it. The only difference i can see is that this machine i want to access is logged in on a limited user account!! I assume i am missing a simple thing which should be ticked, this has only occurred since upgrading to leopard!!! regards Mark
  2. Mark32i5b

    Back To My Mac

    Ok, Thanks for the help... will wait to see if apple provide more info.... its a great feature i would like to use!!!!
  3. Mark32i5b

    Back To My Mac

    Hi, Thanks for the link... i have read that... i am trying not to enable UPnP on the router and portforward, if that is an option. Mark
  4. Mark32i5b

    Back To My Mac

    Hello All, This is my first post. Question, for back to my mac work, do you have to set uo the router for universal plug and play, or can you manually open ports to allow it to work? Currently i have mine switched of on the router because i have heard this is not a good solution for security on the net. Any help would help? Mark