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  1. Rubbie

    podcast playlist....fail

    Yes I have this EXACT problem... if I start and finish listening to anything in a smart playlist on one device (where the smart playlist functions to drop the song, podcast..whatever off the list after a play count of 1) I am ok. Where there is a problem is if I start on one device and switch to another device even for one second!!! then at the end when I go to sync at the end, boom there it is back in the smart playlist with a 0 play count. I have no idea how to correct this. HELP!!!!!
  2. if you havn't recieved it yet I have a plastic case that I could send to you, it's not a big deal I have 2 cases for the original iphone and never used them, then I upgraded to the 3gs. Anyway if you need one PM me I have no use for it, all that I ask is that whatever you were willing to spend on it, make a donation to your local favourite charity. Chirs
  3. Rubbie

    Problems with playlist

    I set up a smart playlist similar to what you do for your podcasts, and I have "remember position" set to yes on the iphone and yes on all my music in my library, however the only time the position gets screwed up is when I pull the headphones out and I don't stop or pause the playback by using the control on the iphone or the controller on the headphones.
  4. I recently had a hard drive die in my iMac, it was a 7 month old 1TB 7200 rpm drive (segate) that a local apple authorised repair (Carbon Computing for those in the Great White North) installed for me. Carbon advised me that the drive is under warrenty with Seagate and that they would have to send the drive to them in the mail, which FREAKED me out. The tech from Carbon advised me that he couldn't get the drive to mount in any encosure that he had at the office and that I shouldn't be worried about my personal information on it, and it should be ok? However I would not get the drive back from Seagate should it be found to be faulty. I would just get a replacement. My question is that if between Toronto and California if my drive went missing, how hard or easy would it be to get all my information off it? and assuming it made it to Seagate how am assured that they wipe the drive prior to disposing of it? The reason for my concern is that part of my work as a privacy officer for a large company and most of my day is dealing with some pretty scary privacy stuff, so that's my excuse, and that drive had my life on there, 5 years tax returns etc... What I ended up doing is just bying a new one and they gave me the old faulty drive which I will probably take apart and smash to bits.
  5. Rubbie

    Using a Drobo as a Media server

    What is a Gigabit NAS device? where would I get one and how would i set it up?
  6. I am thinking about getting a Drobo to house my iTunes Library, my iPhoto and Aperature Library and have it attached to my airport extreme via USB to be a media server. I use two different computers, a first generation Intel iMac and a new ModBook (Leopard). I run my iMac wired to my airport extreme and my Modbook is wireless (my Apple TV is connected wired to the airport extreme). Both machines have their own seperate Time machine drives connected via USB. I have all my music on my iMac with all my playlists and song counts updated, I do have a duplicate itunes library on my Modbook, but having two librarys are not a good solution (as my playlists and song counts don't update on my main library on the iMac machine. Sometimes I like to sit on the couch or move around and edit photos on the modbook and work on various stuff while having my music play through my stero speakers. I am wondering if I move my whole iTunes library, and Aperature and iPhoto to a drobo will my playlists come up depending on what computer I use to connect to my itunes library? The reason I was thinking about a drobo is becuase of the built in redundency and I couldn't find an easy way to automatically backup a drive attached to my airport extreme. Will I be able to connect to the iphoto and aperature librarys on the drobo with either machine (I know not at the same time)? As always suggestions and help is appreciated.
  7. Rubbie

    Podcasts in Front Row

    please report back to what happens, I have the same problem with my Front row and Apple TV. Infact it's the iPhone podcast it won't go away.
  8. Rubbie

    hacking the Apple TV

    I put it on last night and with this new annoucement I probably won't keep it either, I'll try and keep you posted.
  9. Rubbie

    hacking the Apple TV

    Podgirl... a bunch of us at work are hacking our ATV's this week with Boxee and one of the guys is pretty geeky with this kind of stuff, we will try it out and get back to if we find a solution. We are all from Canada too eh...I know a bunch of people on www.ehmac.ca have done it as well and have not reported any problems.
  10. Rubbie

    Using the number pad in Boot Camp

    To turn it on press the "Clear" button, which functions as the "Num Lock" button in Windows.
  11. I had the exact same problem last night when I put XP back on and tried to update to SP3 I followed the instructions on this page and it worked perfectly http://www.windowsreference.com/general/er...installing-sp3/
  12. Hey that worked flawlessy, and it fixed my problem with my corrupt "recient recipients" in my Mail program due to the new install of Leopard. thanks very much that Time Machine is much better than I thought.
  13. I am replacing the HD of my iMac, well I am not doing it the authorized apple reseller is that is close to my home is. I have a full superduper back up via FW on an external HD and a partial backup on another FW drive with Time Machine (I excluded some files like my iTunes library). I know I can use SuperDuper via bootable back up to copy the files back but I want to pick and choose the files and applications I want (a little house cleaning). Do i really just have to open the Superduper drive and drag and drop the applications that I want back into my "application" folder? again sorry for the stupid question of the day.
  14. Rubbie

    mds eating memory

    Over the past week I have noticed that in my activity monitor "mds" is eating about 200MB of memory what does this do? and is there something that I am doing wrong? It seems to run all the time and I can't get it to stop.
  15. Rubbie

    Syncing iCal

    when you sync your iphone click the calendars you want to sync and it will be done. You could also go the route of Mobile Me to have your stuff sync'd by the "cloud".