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  1. nerone

    Hp color Laserjet 1600 and powerbook g4!

    Thank you Ginamos for your quick reply, i remember this post about laserjet at the time i was searching for a solution... i did the thinks they explain to (as much as i understood..) but the only result was passing from a dead printer to a white printing machine (paper pas trough the printer without printing). i hope others macuser have a solutions for me (except selling the printers of course ) ps: i am writing with mac-firefox because safari dont let me write in this box, something is wrong?
  2. Hi, i will go in sicily this summer and i would like to rent my appartement in Paris. i can send you photo and more if you want. Nerone
  3. Hi, this is my first post here. I'm an italian listener (Rome) and thanks to maccast i'am improving my english so apologize for my bad grammar... my problem is: a friend gave me a Hp color Laserjet 1600 printer. i searched on google a way to print with this HP but i didn't find nothing (only for 1200) can maccast community give me an help? thank you in advance.