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  1. Jonah

    Can't drag docs onto apps to open them

    thanks man, tha was helpful
  2. I tried to open a jpeg in Photoshop instead its default app -Preview - but when i drag the Icon onto an Photoshop nothing happens; the icon just moves. I've zaped my pRAM and restarted my dock, anyonoe with any other ideas? Thanks
  3. Jonah

    RAM and MAC MINI

    HA!!, loose monitor cable -- guess i didn't tighten it down enough. Thanks anyway :oops:
  4. Jonah

    RAM and MAC MINI

    Hello i just bought and installed a 1GB RAM chip for my Mac Mini. After plugging everything back in and powering up i found my monitor now has a green tint to it. The RAM seems to be working fine with the computer-it registers in my System Profile-the monitor just doesn't seem to like it. I plugged my old RAM (256Mb) and the monitor went back to its normal color. Anyone with any ideas?