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  1. As old time mac user I ended up with mac.com, me.com, and icloud.com, all with the same prefix before the @. My iTunes also uses my me.com as sign in, again with different password. I am going nuts as the apple applications keep asking for different passwords. For example if I sign into iTunes under me.com, it reverts back to mac.com. Same thing happens on my iPhone and macbook air. Its been with Apple engineers in USA for a week now, still no answers. Has anyone else had this problem? As older person of 59 years, i hate passwords at the best of time. Only saving grace is 1password, although feel its little over priced.
  2. Why when is the prices roughly 25% higher in Australia than USA. No freight, just data transfer. The Australian dollar is worth more than USA (US$1.00= Aust$1.05). Our government tax here is 10% (GST), so WHY?????? Being ripped off!!!!! Don’t start me on music, just don’t buy from Apple, find lot cheaper options else where.
  3. Iain

    Yojimbo, alternative

    After trying to sort out varies issues with Yojimbo, both on Mac and iPad, i looking for alternative. Any suggestions?
  4. Iain

    High cost of iTunes store outside USA

    I email the developers, and asked the same question. They get the USA price regardless of where it is sold. Looks like I will have start a second iTunes account in USA, going via USA VPN gateway. The only add on cost in Australia is 10% tax, still only making the price Aust$11.00, and not Aust$12.99 The currency exchange on credit card is lot less than Apple markup.
  5. Just notice in USA iPad version of Yojimbo cost $9.99. Even though the exchange rate is US$1.00=Aust$0.99, almost the same, the Australian iTunes store sells Yojimbo at $12.99. Now, most time I just get told its shipping cost. Beginning to dislike the dishonesty of the Apple iTunes store. Do the software developers get better profit with overseas sales? I think not, but I know who does.
  6. I have a couple of third party programs I sync between lap tops. Textexpander & Yojimbo. Both great programs, but for some reason in the mobile me sync window, Yojimbo heading has come corrupted on one laptop. Mobile me locks up on this program, which is understandable. I tried uninstalling yojimbo and reinstalling, but can find any way to change the mobile me sync yojimbo heading.
  7. With my data plan in Australia I have limited data bandwidth during the day, unlimited after midnight. What I would like to happen is for mobile me and iTunes to have a schedule sync, say 2 am. I find the down load in iTunes very problematical. Even when you stop the down loads, it still seems to re start. I had a play with the preferences, but still seems to have mid of its own.
  8. Iain

    Mobile me and contacts

    I have two macbook pros and iPhone, plus mobile me. Every so often the contacts go mad, are start generating multiple entries in the address book. It seems to only happen when you leave the surname blank. Has any one else noticed this? I am guessing I am going to have to put something in the surname field, like a letter or number.
  9. Iain

    Apple mail outbox

    Yep, me too. I relunched mail, then it appears in the outbox. Not a very Apple way of doing things, me thinks.
  10. Iain

    Apple mail outbox

    Problem is I can not see the outbox, when messages have not been sent. When the messages have be sent, they move to sent folder, which happens.
  11. Iain

    Apple mail outbox

    Keep loosing my out-box folder. I can see the cue of messages, and the fact they are being sent (mail activity, under folder list), but unable to click on any, as I have no access to the outbox folder, to delete other than pulling the internet connection. Out-box is not shown, and is grey out "go to" (F2). Any thoughts?
  12. I use two monitors, with different software programs on each screen. How can I force the tool bar on the lap top (macbookpro) to appear on the second monitor as well. At the moment I have to drag the mouse back to other screen to access the tool bar.
  13. Spell check in MS word & Entourage works well, even with spell catcher. The spell checker with Apple mail is bad news. And if you use spell catcher it does not delete the incorrect word, just adds the correct word on the end. My Mac OS is 10.4.10. Any suggestions?