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  1. Michael Nye

    gMail Accounts

    I've got 100 invites and no one to send them to. Email me at fifth.super.smiley@gmail.com with the subject "Invite Me".
  2. Michael Nye

    Reverse Color

    And, IMO, it is pretty cool looking.
  3. Michael Nye

    Expose Trick

    I was just using expose earlier, when I decided to use Cmd+Tab, and see what happens. Well, apparently, if you are using expose all windows, or expose app windows, and you hit Cmd+Tab and choose an app, then you switch to all the windows running only in that app.
  4. Michael Nye


    Never mind the custom stylesheet, I found an extension.
  5. Michael Nye


    I am kind of deciding to run both Firefox and Safari both. I have just a few complaints, though, for Firefox: One is that I like the Mac style buttons for submit, dialog, select, etc, but Firefox uses Windows style ones. Is there a way I can change that? As well, I can't seem to find how to use custom stylesheets, except through the web developers toolbar. Is there a more convient solution? Finally, I have a problem where Firefox spontaniously launches my browser back, usually every 10-15 seconds or so. Any ideas as to why? Anyway, thanks!
  6. Michael Nye


    Is there any good online tutorial where I can learn Applescript? My googling doesn't seem to turn up anything good.
  7. Michael Nye

    Help, please

  8. Michael Nye

    Help, please

    I was working on a banner for my site in Illustrator CS2, and I have all the shapes and lines done. I have a problem, though. My problem is with coloring it. When I convert the shapes to Live Paint, I lose my strokes, which are important. However, When I try to color it in Photoshop (7, I have to copy and paste with a Gif), the aliasing screws it up, both in the color and the inside. So what I need is either a way to remove aliasing, or, more preferably, to keep the stroke type when I start a Live Paint. Help, please!
  9. Michael Nye

    Keyboard num pad

    I am using tiger, and an Apple Pro Keyboard from 200. For some reason, the num pad doesn't work. I press the numlock, and all combos of Control, Option, Shift, Command, and Numlock, but the numpad still doesn't work. Help?
  10. Michael Nye

    GarageBand Problem

    Nothing happened. Though I checked help files on Apple, and I can't record with with my iSight. I don't have the option to get another mic...
  11. Michael Nye

    GarageBand Problem

    I tried messing with that, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I guess I will try it again.
  12. Michael Nye

    Use of the Term "Hacker" in the 7/25/06 Show

    Well, yea, but I prefer to read messages about the length of ^^. That's his point.
  13. Michael Nye

    GarageBand Problem

  14. Michael Nye

    MSN Messenger 5.0 for Mac released

    They need to add winks and nudges, games, webcam, audio, etc etc for Mac Messenger.
  15. Michael Nye

    GarageBand Problem

    I am trying to record something in GarageBand with my iSight, but the recording is always super-fast. I would like it slowed down to an understandable rate, but can't figure out how. Any help?