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  1. From the user question what to do if you get a “-36 error” when syncing iPod in iTunes, I had something similar to this when I setup my iPod Photo in iTunes to sync with iPhoto. It happened when using iTunes 4.8 and 4.9 (but had not updated to the latest version of iPhoto, version 5.0.4). In the iPod options in iTunes I had chosen to sync to iPhoto. in my case I was trying to get a specific album, but it didn't give me any choices to choose from (should have been my first clue). Whenever I would sync I would get an error (I think it was a error -50 ... but I don't remember it right now). I could sync my photos fine whenever I used a folder, but if I tried to choose anything under iPhoto it failed. Then, after updating to the iPhoto 5.0.4 right after it became available, it worked fine in either mode (folders or iPhoto) and the error went away. So, if this user is having trouble with the error and it is on an iPod Photo, then try updating iPhoto as well...see if that helps. -camDaveC