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  1. I liked the review from Adam of the Apple TV Take 2 on the last episode but I just wonder if there is any way to subscribe to a podcast directly on the AppleTV or do you have to go the route through the computer and syncing? Feels somewhat irritating to have to have the video-podcasts both on the computer and the AppleTV. Favorites isn't really the same thing since I manually have to check if there are any new episodes and download them manually. I find his quite disappointing since you can easily miss episodes and they aren't ready when you turn on the AppleTV, but you have to wait for them to download. Adam just jumps over this in the last episode of the Maccast.
  2. Phindus

    Subscribing podcast on AppleTV

    Had a special delivery (read friend) that brought it with him. I also got an iPhone this way a couple of months ago. It's quite easy as long as you don't send it by mail.
  3. Phindus

    Subscribing podcast on AppleTV

    But I'm happy anyway. Got one cheap from the states! Over here in Europe, we didn't get the price cut (nor any video content) so I think that $329 is quite a good deal compared to the $580 they go for here .
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    Subscribing podcast on AppleTV

    Yes, indeed.
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    Subscribing podcast on AppleTV

    Yes, that is my point. Favorites isn't the same as subscribing. I think this is a big flaw, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
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    Sleep Display

    On show #141, there was some discussion about how to put the display to sleep on the iMac. I was very interested in this and since no really good solution was found I tried to find one myself without success. Today I finally found this app that does exactly what I wanted, Sleep Display. Hope it can be useful for someone else as well.
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    I just have to recommend this great podcast-rss-reader, Xcast. I just found it today on tuaw. I find the podcast portion in iTunes to be a little limited and I haven't found any good RSS-reader or podcast-catcher that have good integration with iTunes (since I want to update my iPod with the latest podcasts), is free and can do a good job with both normal RSS feeds as well as feeds with enclosures. Playing movies in iTunes is just awfull with my somewhat older system. I will not go into detail about the program since the developer have a good screencast on his homepage describing the program in detail. If you are interested, head over to the homepage above. Observe that it is in Beta.