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  1. jasonventresca

    powerbook g3 booting issues

    i'm at school right now...but as soon as i get home ...im gonna try this thanks so much for the help
  2. jasonventresca

    powerbook g3 booting issues

    for some reason, i can't even boot into the ubuntu live cd...but i'm gonna try changing the startup disk via panther install disc just to verify...i've been trying to boot via cd by holding the 'c' key upon boot...is this correct?
  3. jasonventresca

    powerbook g3 booting issues

    i think i've got 128mb ram...cant boot into OS9 cd....HD is already wiped im gonna try booting into panther cd and selecting CD drive as startup disk...they booting into OS9 CD otherwise....i may be stuck can't get the latest firmware without OS9 installed and like i said... HD is empty
  4. jasonventresca

    powerbook g3 booting issues

    i just received a nice, black pb lombard g3 from a friend this machine had os 9.2 so i decided to upgrade to osx so...here's what happened booted into panther cd and after choosing my language, the installer said "cannot install essentials" and my only choice was to quit the installer. i know that tiger is not compatible with these old-world macs, but i was able to load panther on an iBook g3 (first iBook) withouany problems. maybe its because this system only has o RAM?? now this gets a little strange... i tried the install a second time...but this time i launched disk utility and formatted the 18.6gb HD and tried to continue install...same error message appeared so i tried to boot into the ubuntu install cd in hopes of using this machine for linux unfortunately, it could not boot i got to a grey apple screen with a floppy disk icon with a flashing question mark (?) so...now i cant even boot into the OS9 cd the only thing that will boot is the panther disc any suggestions??
  5. jasonventresca

    Video Capture Card- iBook G4

    is there any type of external capture card that i can use?
  6. jasonventresca

    Video Capture Card- iBook G4

    looking for something to capture composite (RCA) video from a VCR into my iBook G4 i would imagine it connects via FireWire 400 (is that the only way to connect it?) if anyone has any suggestions...i would greatly appreaciate the help
  7. jasonventresca

    Wacky Backup Problem?

    at the root of my startup disk...the hidden folder "volumes" used to be 4KB i realized about a week ago that my startup disk was nearly 9GB larger than the external partition which i sync daily to my startup disk i started poking around to find what was taking up almost 9GB and i found inside the "Volumes" folder (located at /volumes) a folder called "backup" (the same name as my external backup partition) this folder contained many of the files on my hard drive (but only about 9GB, not all 30GB) well...i just deleted this folder...hoping that it won't cause a large problem i dont see why it needed to hog 9GB of disk space...or why it suddenly decided to create itself (it was non-existant about a week ago) if anyone knows how this happened...please inform me...i'm interested to learn ps. i've been using "PsyncX" to sync the two drives ...after this incident i think im gonna switch to Bombich's Carbon Copy Cloner thanks for the feedback in advance everyone
  8. jasonventresca

    Mac OS X quit unexpectedly??

    great tip...now that i think of it....i did disconnect my external dual-partition FW400 drive while my ibook was sleeping! thanks professor....i can always count on your advice
  9. jasonventresca

    Mac OS X quit unexpectedly??

    my ibook was perfectly sleeping...and when i woke her up after a few seconds....it said on the screen "Your computer needs to be restarted. Hold down the power button for several seconds or press the restart button." This text was written in 4 or 5 different languages, and enclosed in a slightly transparent black window centered on the screen with the watermark of a giant power-button symbol I tried to move the mouse via trackpad or usb mouse...but no response no response on the keyboard...not even the useful force quit (cmd+opt+esc) when pressing the power button once...no shutdown dialog appeared. no "restart button" as promised by the strange dialog box either the only solution --> hold down the power button ---it gets even more strange--- upon next boot...when i arrived at the desktop a small dialog box appeared saying "Mac OS X quit unexpectedly.", with the choice of "Report..." or "OK" i chose report...which only froze the entire comp....so i had to hold down the power button to shutdown (i hate doing that!) on next startup...i saw the same dialog box...and this time chose to press OK...which worked i was able to launch disk utility and repair permissions...hopefully this will fix the problem but reguardless of if the problem has been solved....i can't imagine that apple would ever ask a user to hold the power button to shutdown has ANYONE ever encountered this scenario?? if so...i would love to hear about it...this really freaked me out (especially with the new "viruses" for OSX"
  10. jasonventresca

    Panther on iBook 300Mhz??

    i'm not worried about speed at all...i've got 512mb ram on this thing i just wanna get panther to work! as far as i know...tiger is the only version of OSX that's not supported on these iBooks
  11. jasonventresca

    Panther on iBook 300Mhz??

    trying to install os x 10.3 panther on clamshell 300Mhz iBook i tried booting into the panther disc (CD) i see the apple logo and the spinning gray icon it stays at this screen for over 10 minutes should it be taking this long? after 10 minutes...i just give up and cut the power anyone have suggestions? thanks
  12. jasonventresca

    Linux on iBook 300MHz?

    just picked up a 300MHz iBook for $200 as you all know...this machine runs OS 9 it is one of the machines which doesn't support 10.4 Tiger (without a hack) i would like to format the drive and install Ubuntu 5.10 Linux how do i format the drive so that Linux can recognize it?
  13. jasonventresca

    iPod Shuffle Won't Dock or Charge

    whether i plug it into my mac, usb charger, or any other computer, my iPod Shuffle 1GB will not charge or dock usually, when the shuffle is plugged in, it begins to flash to indicate a connection this does not happen at all i have tried plugging it in while the battery was charged, and then i tried fully discharging the battery, but still no results i have also tried to reset my iPod shuffle Apple claims that if this sort of problem occurs, i should try restoring the iPod with the iPod Updater software how is this possible if i cannot get the device to dock? my mac doesnt even know that its connected has anyone else had this problem? i am really stumped on this one
  14. jasonventresca

    spotlight indexing

    my external firewire hard drive has a specific partition which i use to backup my ibook's internal hard drive i would like Spotlight to NOT index this drive i have added it to the Spotlight Privacy List the next time i connect the drive, Spotlight tries to index it and when i check the privacy list, the drive is gone why is this happening?
  15. jasonventresca

    sort safari bookmarks?

    thanks Kerry this app works great!