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    Video iPod CAN fast-forward in videos.

    no problem. i don't know where that nasty rumor got started.
  2. You can fast forward from within videos. It supports both holding down the next button to fast forward, and also by pressing the select button and scrolling to different parts in the video.
  3. I had the same problem when installing itunes on my g5 tower. I held down the shift key on login - disabling all my login items - and that did it. Not sure what I had in my login items that caused problems (nothing I saw was really iTunes specific) but that fixed it all up for me, and I was able to install the new iTunes. Hope this helps someone!
  4. LeftHandHugh

    -36 error when syncing iPod in iTunes

    I had this same problem with my 20GB 4th generation ipod (greyscale). I only had the issue when using the USB 2.0 cable, as the firewire cable worked just fine. Restoring the ipod did not help. I suggest trying a different cable, or taking it to your local apple store, and having them take a look.