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  1. alanchiras

    Back To The Future - Brand new in the shrink wrap...

    I checked Ebay and the amount of used software for desktop publishing has really dried up. I even tried Ragtime, but it was a problem. I'm just worried about printer drivers to use for an ink jet. Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  2. alanchiras

    Back To The Future - Brand new in the shrink wrap...

    It's the version I'm used to and it was $2 instead of Quark 7 for around $700. Alan Chiras.
  3. When I was waiting for an appointment for dental work, I wandered into a Salvation Army in Marathon and could not belive what I saw! A "Brand New" still in the shrink wrap QuarkXpress for Mac 3.3 on CD. I used to own the same thing on six discs. I could not find one for sale on Ebay, but I was thinking about Selling it on-line VS. installing it on an older Mac that could boot into OS 9. I remember a problem with getting newer printers to work with quark in OS 9 for printing. I have a 1ST gen iMac in Grey at 500MZ speed. It has never been connected to the internet because it not only did not have an Airport card, but when I finally found a card, I then learned it also needed a so-called Messinene card that I don't know about. Any suggestions? Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  4. alanchiras

    Does iPhone 2.0 = "Cortland OS"?

    In some previous posts, I had talked about Apple making the iPhone and interface into a new computing platform called the Cortland. I think we got much of that today except for a larger iPhone such as a 5" model. Any thoughts? Thanks! Alan Chiras, Key West; Florida.
  5. alanchiras

    I have NEVER clean installed before

    What about problem files like iTunes purchases and bookmarks for web sites? Where do I Copy the address book and ICal so my iPhone can still be up to date. Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  6. Which files do I need to hunt down before I wipe the HD and reinstall? Is there a complete guide somewhere as to how to do this? Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  7. alanchiras

    DVD movies onto iPhone?

    I love how Handbrake works, but when I go to try to put the movies in the file for the iPhone to transfer to it, it only sees some of the movies, and not others even though they are in the same file??? Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  8. alanchiras

    PDF file on Iphone?

    On AOL, I get a message that says "You must disable airplane mode to access data." with choices of Cancel or Disable Alan Chiras.
  9. alanchiras

    PDF file on Iphone?

    I just tried it with gmail and it was on Wi-Fi when it crashed back to the desktop. Could the PDF for the users manual be too big for the gmail software on the iPhone?? Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  10. alanchiras

    PDF file on Iphone?

    Can you explain how files and folders work on the iPhone in more detail? I sent the PDF to AOL and tried to save it, but it still seemed to need to connect to the internet. With sending it to google, it tries to load it and crashes back to the desktop on the phone. Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  11. alanchiras

    PDF file on Iphone?

    I'm still somewhat confused about if you can mail yourself something and keep the PDF in a file that can be accessed without an internet connection. Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  12. alanchiras

    DVD movies onto iPhone?

    You guys are great! Will try this today! Alan Chiras.
  13. alanchiras

    DVD movies onto iPhone?

    I'm going to be flying for the first time with my iPhone and I need to learn more about it. Can I take a DVD I OWN and somehow put it on my iPhone to view it without the segments being chopped up from copy protection? If not, how good are the movies you can buy on iTunes for the iPhone. I want to have Sicko to show to doctors in Boston for a conference and it would be great just to have it to show right out of my pocket. Thanks! Alan Chiras. Key West, Florida.
  14. alanchiras

    Deleting e-mail on an iPhone

    Thank you very much. This helped a lot. Thanks! Alan Chiras.
  15. alanchiras

    Bluetooth mouse paired but...

    ...while I can click, it does not reconize moving the mouse around. I have a newer MacMini? Any thoughts? Thanks! Alan Chiras.