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  1. xclimber

    Clean Install (After the Fact)

    Excellent. BTW: what is your interest in gravity? I've heard it never sleeps...
  2. xclimber

    Clean Install (After the Fact)

    Thanks John... I'm ready to take the plunge, but I'm wondering if it would cause problems in the unlikely event that I decided to clean later though...
  3. I think a clean install is advisable in my circumstance (I've not done one since getting my iMac in 2007), but I am impatient to get my photos, etc up in the iCloud. Is there any compelling reason not to go ahead and install and then, if it looks like there are issues/excess clutter, to wipe and do a clean install down the road?
  4. I have an articulating display arm in very good/excellent condition. I also have the compatible VESA mount for a 24" iMac. $120 + shipping for both (CONUS). Paypal only. I don't see an "attachment" function here, but I have scanned copies of the documentation available upon request. Serious inquiries only.
  5. Thanks Tony. I'm not sure that Windows and I think of "machine" in the same way... I think that since I have one physical computer that I have one machine, but I think Windows see two virtual machines: Parallels and Fusion. This was a concept I didn't really understand when I started setting them up. I just figured that I could run them both to see which I preferred, and keep the other as a "backup" in the event that one went flaky on me or something. I haven't even tried Boot Camp. My understanding is that you have to boot in and out to switch between OS X and XP Pro, and that seemed like a major inconvenience...
  6. I was afraid of that...
  7. It is coming from Windows just as you have described above with the "balloon" and "...has not been activated...". I did activate it when I first started setting up the VM's, but don't recall which VM I loaded first or which one I registered/activated Windows through. I am getting the ...has not been activated... balloon from the system tray in both Parallels and VMware.
  8. 24" Aluminum iMac 2.8 GHz running Leopard 10.5.1 Parallels and XP came preinstalled when I purchased the unit, and I installed VMware Fusion. I registered XP Pro, but... I keep getting messages about the 'trial period" ending in x number of days. Does anyone know how to run two or more Virtual Machines with a single copy of Windows and not have to purchase a license for more than one machine...? I am running the latest versions of all the above software. Thanks, Jerry
  9. xclimber

    Specing Out a new iMac

    OK. That makes sense. That's not what your previous statement seemed to say though...
  10. xclimber

    Specing Out a new iMac

    ...huh... what do you mean "You won't get as good performance..."? As good as what...?
  11. xclimber

    Specing Out a new iMac

    I like firewire and I hope that Apple keeps it, but... http://www.news.com/Apple-takes-a-step-awa..._3-5587951.html
  12. xclimber

    Specing Out a new iMac

    I've got several external drives now, and had hoped to move away from them as they are a bit of a pain to manage relative to a single internal and one external for backup. Isn't Apple moving away from Firewire?
  13. xclimber

    Specing Out a new iMac

    Interesting possibility. I've got an iBook G4 that I have set up with 2 user accounts (one for me, one for the wife). I'm planning on giving her the iBook, but wonder how the two systems would get along...
  14. xclimber

    Specing Out a new iMac

    Woah...! That's a pretty smokin' deal... I could probably live w/.75 TB
  15. xclimber

    Specing Out a new iMac

    I'm poised to purchase a new iMac. I'm going with the 24" 2.8 GHz and I want to get ample storage and memory to last well into the future, but WOW!!! Apple charges an arm and two legs to upgrade: 2 GB of memory is an additional $700! Anyone have a recommendation for a less expensive alternative than Apple's? Adding memory is reasonably easy to do on your own, right? Who do you guys purchase memory from, and what brand(s) do you recommend? I'm planning to download about 1000 audio CD's to iTunes and I was thinking about upping to the 1 TB drive. How much space would that many CD's consume...? I've got about 8000 photos too... Both those things (music & photos) will increase in number over time, no doubt. Add Apple Care and that system is $3618.00 direct purchase from Apple. Ouch...! Suggestions?