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    iTunes 7.3 library problems

    Thank you for your suggestion. Although it didn't work, it gave me an idea of something to try. I went back and exported my old iTunes Library file. Copied it to the new computer and imported the new library. So far so good. I think I originally tried importing using migration assistant and it wasn't working, so I just copied the files over into the library.
  2. I just got a new MacBook Pro and transferrred all my files from my Powerbook G4. I am getting this error message with iTunes 7.3. The iTunes Libraray file cannot be saved. An unkonw error occured (-50). I've posted on the apple support discussions site and there are multiple people on different platforms (a lot of PC users) who have come across the same problem, but there hasn't been any answer. Any insight would help! It seems like anything I delete (podcasts, etc.) doesn't change because the Library doesn't update. I haven't even tried to add new music yet.
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    I'm looking for a very similar server system. We have two different graphic design office locations, plus multiple freelancers at different locations. We all need to access the same server, but we don't want a groupware solution. We don't want to have to upload and download files to work on them because sometimes everything a designer would need is a 500 MB folder. We'll have about 15-20 people working on it, probably 5-10 at the same time. These qualities we also need: Can handle constant read/write of files. Fast search results. Connect remotely (from home securely). Administer users, privileges etc. (Drop boxes, then files can be scripted to move elsewhere) Apply clients or scripts, for work projects (ie. Calender, Version Cue). Mac and PC compatibl We are designers, not programmers or IT people, so we don't really know what is out there or how we could begin to accomplish this. Any suggestions??