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  1. appletonrc

    slow scale or genie efect

    The slow Genie thing was shown by Jobs in one of the keynotes as well. It's fun to show it to the Window's users
  2. appletonrc

    Hiding the apple

    Haven't heard of that... seems weird to me. Why would they be strict about getting free press. I would have guessed the show/movie asked Apple if they wanted product placement and Apple didn't pony up the cash, so out comes the sticker. That was just my assumption though.
  3. appletonrc

    iMac for my Dad

    You can't beat the control-middle mouse wheel to zoom the screen. I have good vision, but I use it to make small web videos bigger so I can sit back. It is intended for vision impaired people, but I love it. I have the 24" imac. I'd vote for the 20" over the mac mini for Pops.
  4. Has anyone seen/heard of any issues with this 24" model? I am probably going to get one next month..Need to save up a some $$ for it.
  5. appletonrc

    Core Duo or Core Duo 2 iMac ???

    Always, always get as much as you can afford.... IMO. This stuff changes so fast that if you cheap out that you'll reget it sooner than if you were to get what you could afford in the first place. Me... I'm looking at that 24" imac... Nice
  6. appletonrc

    Photocasting to Windows

    That is a good question. It was glossed over during the keynote. FeedDemond is the RSS aggregator that Mikey uses from CommandN. I haven't used it though.
  7. appletonrc

    Windows Firewire Drive on osx?

    Yeah, file transfer could be done, but it was more of the ability to use the same drive on two computers, the PC and the new mac. Yeah, it is NTFS, there is our problem apperently. Thanks for the info.
  8. appletonrc

    Windows Firewire Drive on osx?

    So I convinced my co-worker to get a mac, and he finds a problem. He has a Firewire drive that he used on his PCs and hooked it up to the Mac. All was fine, but the drive was read only. He opened the permissions on the windows side and hooked it back to the mac with the same results. Any easy way to make this read/write on the mac, without having to reformat? I assume one way is to use the root user in the terminal and change the permissions that way, but it seems like there should be an easy way. Any help?
  9. appletonrc

    external HD

    I bought some generic case online, it was usb1/2 and FW. I then dropped a standard IDE 200 GIG drive in it. It has worked great. I use it for video editing and backup. It saves a few bucks if you find a drive cheap. The local stores usually have a deal, and if you are lucky, you can get instant rebates and not have to deal with mail in.
  10. appletonrc

    Back up help

    I personally manually back up things. I have an external firewire drive that I copy the entire contents of my home directory about once a month or so. (the case I bought is FW/USB1/USB2) I also burn everything to multiple CDs about every 6 months and keep it at work (in case of fire and my computer and FW drive burn up). My apps are all on disc already, so no need to back up.
  11. appletonrc

    Superdrive acting up

    My iBook superdrive was giving me problems. All of a sudden, I read or write DVDs. I thought software issues, so after a few tries, I was able to start the installer DVD, but it quit working about halfway through the install, leaving the thing useless. I set it aside till the end of the week, and I was then going to try starting the iBook as a firewire HD for my iMac, and low and behold, the DVD that was in the drive, worked. I was able to install the OS and here I am now. Next step is trying the burner. I figured it had to be a bad drive, and it still might be. I need to keep working on it before the warranty is up. Not sure if that helps you at all. Anyone know if superdrives are prone to problems?
  12. appletonrc

    iDVD superdrive gone?

    Tried it. Seems now like it may be hardware. I had a heck of a time booting from a DVD. It can see CD's not DVDs... well sometimes. I was able to finally start from the installer DVD and was going to erase everything and reinstall. It got to the french language and hung all night. I'll give it a try again. Since it really didn't have a problem with CDs, I am guessing it has to do with how it reads DVDs (new or rewriteable). When you put a DVD in while in OSX, it ask if you want to open it in the finder or iDVD (as if it was rewriteable). Very strange. I thought a new install would fix it, but now I am leaning towards hardwar... Should be under warrenty yet though.
  13. appletonrc

    iDVD superdrive gone?

    apparently no suggestions.... I did finally get an error code to search on. Many people were able to restart the finder or zap the pram an it worked agian. Not me. Next step... a reinstall of the OS :evil:
  14. appletonrc

    iDVD superdrive gone?

    I was making a second copy of a DVD that I just burned once in iDVD and I got an error that the drive isn't a recognized drive. I have an iBook with a superdrive. I tried another blank disc. I tried creating a simple slide show from iPhoto and sent it to iDVD, no luck. I have deleted the iDVD preference, verified permissions (using coctail) After a bit of research, it looks like a re-install is needed to fix it. Not the answer I was looking for (especially since it is the Winders fall back plan). I have created 25+ DVDs using iDVD with no problems. Any suggestions?