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  1. Well, though you've already got your Mac Mini, there'd be no processor choice (not solo vs duo anyway) as they're now both Intel Core Duos Admittedly they're not Core 2 Duos, but they are cheap!
  2. I finally went for the virus one, but it was a hard choice. To me, they're all really good.
  3. I voted CSI, I really like it, but there's so many shows I love, which have been mentioned throughout the thread
  4. I agree with you. I voted yes, I listen to them, and it's good publicity.
  5. I generally stop the show when the music starts (well I see if I like it first). I said no preference, but as I see the poll is going, I know you're going to keep it And if you don't like it... fast forward/stop
  6. I'm sure we all have the main maccast website bookmarked anyway
  7. I voted iMac, because i think my family's going to get one (i'm only a teen ) What do you mean? Rosetta takes care of most of that. Yes, not much runs natively yet, but in the mean time a it of compromise?
  8. I don't really like that Creative thing. that photo makes them look really thin, but they're thicker than an iPod. I think they should 'Think Different'
  9. woah! I really hope that they do not abandon the current colour of powerbooks! And, who would want to get rid of optical drives, eh? The amount of DVDs and CDs sold and burnt all the time will make sure this doesn't happen for a while. Floppies had no other such application to data storage. Maybe I think in the not too distant future, a hard drive will be replaced with flash memory, but only when it is bigger and faster.
  10. :x How could they o such a thing. It really annoys me that some windoze people really hate macs,, with such a vengance. And it isn't so the other way round. Mac users don't particularly hate windoze, we just think we are so much better
  11. It's a shame firewire isn't supported by the new ipods, usb 1.1 is enough to bring anyone to tears. I have usb 2.0 thankfully. I do not think that there are any firewire to usb adapters, i think this is because they are totally different systems so they won't work together, easily anyway. I'm a bit of a n00b in these fields, but I just don't see why apple have dropped firewire support. Is it a money issue? or are they just tryig to switch everyone to just usb? :?
  12. i do (did?) really lik the clickwheel on the mini, the nano's is just too small for my big hands
  13. Good points. I think maybe apple should have released a black shuffle, to go with the nano and 5th gen. That would be cool.
  14. Just to let you know, these are the 5th gen iPods, not the 6th. Anyway, I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to the question. I'm still getting to grips with all this new stuff! :?
  15. Well done, that's just what I always wanted. I think the new iPods look quite good actually. not as good as the 4th gen though. 8)