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  1. Mr Nice

    Comback for Mac Slammers

    I dont want the mac to get too big,i like being in the minority
  2. Mr Nice

    Disappointing Announcements

    I agree,I wanted to hear about 10.5's release,I wanted see tv and movies released in itunes uk/europe.I wanted to hear about the 6g ipod,Will we see it soon in the style of the iPhone? I watched the feed on engadet and was excited by the iPhone but it just went on and on.I was waiting for the next topic and it never came,must of been an hour and half on something we will not see in the uk untill the end of the year.
  3. Mr Nice

    How Vista Didn't Copy OSX?!?

    Yes its a piss take I found it quite funny
  4. Thank you i'am doing it now hope it works
  5. I can not see it in itunes In the last few weeks my iPod has been a total ass.Keep getting unknown error -48 when i sync,Or this ipod is not registered to this itunes library also album art gets mixed up and somtimes it just clicks back to main menu when you start a song.At first i thought it was my iPod that was faulty but it turns out a number of people are getting these issues since the last itunes + iPod software updates.Apples support site has a large thread on this.It just comes down to waiting for this update fingers cross i can use it soon.Its been a real pain. Heres the link to the support forum http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...67&tstart=0
  6. Mr Nice

    consol war

    I have just brought the 360,Its a great machine,Gears of War is really good.I have ordered a Wii for my son but wont get to play that untill christmas day.Ps3 looks good but its so expensive
  7. Mr Nice

    iPod games

    I could not resist downloading tetris and its excellent.its been ported so well iam quite shocked
  8. Mr Nice

    iWeb help

    Sorry to bump this post,but i still havent managed to change it,can anyone help?
  9. Mr Nice

    My homemaid iPod dock

    Good work fella
  10. Mr Nice

    Leopard + RAM

    I was thinking the same myself.There must be 6 to 8 months before release so i think i may upgrade my ram in this time or its going to be an expensive day come the release of leopard.
  11. Mr Nice

    iWeb help

    i have made a picture and podcast page for my friends website which he links to.So far its been very simple to do and works fine but there is one thing i would like to change and cant work it out.I'am hoping someone can tell the simple answer that i cant see my self http://www.flickr.com/photos/36126163@N00/213861414/ the picture shows what i'am working on,i just want to change listen to watch. Thank you
  12. Mr Nice

    Where in the UK can I get a cheap USB hub.

    Try ebuyer they over good prices and a good service.Its an online store but you can get great savings compared to the high street. Heres the link www.ebuyer.com
  13. Mr Nice

    Front Row has gone

    I updated my mac and installed the wireless mighty mouse and my hacked Front Row has disappeared :?: anyone else had this?
  14. Mr Nice

    My Mac Setup

    Heres mine http://static.flickr.com/76/205884083_0652...29d36b7.jpg?v=0
  15. Mr Nice

    Quicktime & iMovie help

    Now iam trying to convert files to WMV,quictime pro is converting the file but everytime the last 1/4 of the clip is missing