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    snycing desktop w/ laptop

    if you are feeling spunky http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/
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    Microsoft Visual Basic -> Mac App

    if you must use a MS programing language go with C#.net with verry little work apps written in that language can be proted over to the mac useing Mono http://www.mono-project.com/Mono:OSX
  3. dusanyu

    Leopard preview

    my guess is the use of core animation to create more effects i ma shure apple has somthing cool under there sleaves.
  4. dusanyu

    An excel alternative

    NeoOffice http://neooffice.org/ i have worked with the Beta that was written with Aqua support and it works well
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    IPB works but unfourtunitly it can lack in security and is cracked quight a bit. thire is one script kiddy i will leve nameless who has some sort of vendetta aginst the IPB software personly my thoughts being that it would have been wiser to look at PHPBB antispam solution This Howto than move to IPB or sory to be the only nagh sayer and a stick in the mud!
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    what would you save?

    meh all of my importent stuff is baked up to a webdrive
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    http://toolbar.netcraft.com/site_report?ur...//www.apple.com unknown Apache/1.3.33 Darwin PHP/4.3.10 12-Aug-2006 does not look like Microsoft to me what section of the site were you navigating to when you seen this error
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    Leopard + RAM

    configd -- System Configuration Daemon open terminal and enter the command man configd or you can just visit this site and read the manpage http://www.hmug.org/man/8/configd.php
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    i turned off Spotlight for 2 reasons 1. Memory useage Spotlight is cool and all but the sevice uses up a bit of ram. 2. serch mechonisems such as spotlight bother me in a tecnical leavle. keeping a cashe of keywords for documents takes a bit of drivespace. inorder to save space Spotlight uses a word discrimination system and deciding what words to cashe and wich not uses quight a fewe processor cycles. but i have admited i am not your typical mac user and spend 90% of my time in the command line
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    a fewe MacBook questions

    I think i am going pro my justification i am dule booting with linux and a graphics card that is suported by x.org is a good thing
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    a fewe MacBook questions

    I am going back to univeristy this fall and that means new Laptop! i know i whant eather a MacBook or a MacBookPro but i have a few questions for the MacBook(Pro) owners. 1. I have read alot of bad things about the MacBookPro reguarding heat and batery problems, however, most of the reports are form early adopters. for those who may have bought a MacBook Pro recently are you experanceing the ishues of Burn your hands hot MacBookPro and batery expantion? for the early adopters are these reports exagerated? 2. Batery life. in your experance how is the batery life on you MacBook or MacBookPro could it last long genugh for say note takeing for 2 lecture courses at 2 howers long each? 3. MacBook "Chicklet" keyboard can you decrobe the "feel" of this keyboard and would it get annoying for typing a major report on? or typeing quickly to keep up with a wordy professor? (i will admit memorys of the PC jr keyboard are in my head) 4. how is the Macbook as far as heat? and is the Case problems (dscoloration and pealing) overbloan? 5. to all in your humble oppinion wich isbetter for the student MacBook or MacBookPro? Thanks Much Chad
  12. dusanyu

    what would you save?

    Myself things can be replaced.
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    i turned it off
  14. dusanyu

    White versus Black MacBooks

    and the big glowing apple on the back of the screen does nothing? (i always notice the big glowy apple and while i have used a Mac on and off its the Pompus "ours is better" aditude of the mac cmomminty that has been a turnoff from the whole mac experance. infact the mac Comunity could learn alot form Ubuntu linux's community have a look around the Ubuntu forums http://ubuntuforums.org/ youwill find no Ours is better coments just storys from happy users (and lets face it thire system rocks) while Mac os my have it beet on a features leavle Linux has everything aginst the wall on a Phisasphical leaval my whole phlosaphy on the matter chuse the best for you if your a gamer windows if you do media get a mac if your a scientest Use linux i dont care wahat you say the Mach microkernel of OSX sux for scientiffic computing but the benchmarks will talk http://sekhon.berkeley.edu/macosx/
  15. dusanyu

    Mighty Mouse Software?

    you can create a DMG of the CD useing Disk utility howto http://creativebits.org/mac_os_x/creating_disk_images
  16. dusanyu

    No docking station for the MBP

  17. dusanyu

    a fewe MacBook questions

    the Overheating was due to Over application of termal compuund. in an attempt to useit to dampen fan noise. (apple always whats to sell quight computers) while it DID reduse noide the compound became an isnsolator. users who rebuilt the cooling systems of there MacBookPros with Lower amnts of High quality compound of the type used my PC overclockers found a reduction on temprature of 10 degrees.
  18. dusanyu

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    the 20th aniversery mac god offel expencive but posable the most beutafull mac ever made. Only 7,499 USD and who can forge the Macontosh TV the first Black Mac and the first eet to have a tv card. it was also a "road apple" or the LC-630 DOS Compatable the first mac to have a intel processor as well as a 68k
  19. dusanyu

    What is your homepage?

    google personolised homepage http://www.google.com/ig
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    a fewe MacBook questions

    Thanks for the information so far I beleve it would help if i decribed how i was useing the Laptop. My Background Is i have used Linux dence 1998 was verry much anti-mac (sory guys but atleast i was not pro windows!) untill the time that MacOS 10.3 came around (Wow sexy desktop with BASH!) oggled a bit eventuly bopught a G4 Poermac 12" and a G4 PowerMac (both used) and loved them for about a year. untill they died. Built a AMD 64 box installed ubuntu and it was good. and became invalved with writing code on a fewe opensource projects. Upon dicovering i was accepted back into University the thought "i better get a mac becuse I will unfourtunitly need Monopolysoft Turd" after doing the reasurch at the Ushulal suspects I came to the MacCast for help (and as ushuly the MacCast audiance has not dissapointed me) My Major is software engnerring as such the laptop will see ocasional heavy loads while compileing software, and running paralells to boot Linux (to continue my OSS work) or Windows 2k. (I may be a Linux and Mac Biggot but i am not going to cut myself off from devlopment experance on the Monolpaly platform.) While I did show consern about typeing on the laptop in the Dorm i have a Nice 20" iMac (mactell) and i am useing a peice of software from Unix Land called unison to keep the files in sync. (note Unison is a UNIX app and requires X11 and feals rather "hackish" for the ushual Mac User who demands for UI beauty er beyond that of the 'ol UNIX Geek For info on the Macbook Discolouration and flakeing visit this site http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=2802 or this one wich is rather hard on apple's stance on the ishue http://www.appledefects.com/?p=15 appledefects.com is a rather scarry site read with your own horror!
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    Quictime frustration.

    all the good stuff stays in japan. Shure glad i get to visit twice a year (that is untill i finish school)than i am moveing thire.
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    Run Windows on my powerbook

    thire is a little Endin problem http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endianness
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    Syncing without .Mac

    Unison http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/ you can download it useing darwin ports
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    I think Longhorn Vista will be insanely great.

    No actuly it was Jacobus Spyker (A dutch Componey) in 1902 http://www.4x4abc.com/4WD101/who.html And the Most Innovative person in Automotive History has to be ether Pereston Tucker or Bucky Fuller Their Car the Dimaxion http://www.thirteen.org/bucky/car.html (Fuller) and the Tucker http://www.hfmgv.org/exhibits/showroom/194...948/tucker.html Were perhaps some of the most innovative product ever developed (Both ere flops) And Fyi am am not a Mac Bigot In fact the only reason why i use a Mac is it's UNIX Like I am a UNIX Bigot who has absolutly no love for Microsoft
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    I think Longhorn Vista will be insanely great.

    what proof of what kind of product windows vista is going to be. look at todays Announcement they are atempting speed up devlopment by throwing more MANAGERS? at the problem. now we have a Development team that is suffering form creeping Manageritis. building a OS with creeping featureitis Now have look at the latest "Innovations" going into Vista IE 7 RSS support now look at a RSS feed in Safari Microsoft Gadgets Because Windows users deserve Widgets too Both announced Post Tiger Microsoft is Stealing Innovations from apple again Vista is going to be a Innovative Product