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  1. So I am listening to a podcast using Pocketcast and I get in the car - Why does it always change to play something from the Music app. Doesn't matter if I connect by cable of connect by Bluetooth. I want the iPhone to continue playing what I was already listening to. Any ideas anyone?
  2. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    Mac 20 Questions still going great after one year. I have consolidated Mac20Q into the Answer20Q Network along with Video20Q, Writers20Q, Photo20Q along with the illustration blog Spondicious. Loads more Mac20Q podcasts to come, talking to Mac users from all around the world. Mac20Q Podcasts February 2010 I started off the month with a podcast thanking all the listeners to the podcasts for supporting the Mac20Q show for one year, also looking at what is to come in 2010. I also talked about the move to consolidate the podcasting into one site. I have done this partly to save time with the looking after all of the separate Wordpress installations and I am finding that it makes a better web site when it is all together. Mac20Q, Photo20Q, Video20Q, Writers20Q, Car20Q, Artist20Q and other sites like the Spondicious which has been about the selling of my photos and illustrations online through the microstock sites like Fotolia. I talked to Paul Boag who is a popular guy, there have been over 400 downloads of the Mac20Q Podcast 84. Paul is a web developer that goes out extensively to talk about making web sites and I found him to be very interesting. Then there was Video20Q podcast 17 featuring the filmmaker Jon Reiss, who made the movie ‘Bomb It.’ I watched it and was impressed. Great that it tied in with what I have been doing already with the Graffiti Podcast, you can watch the first two episodes of the Graffiti Podcast on YouTube also. Peter Boodts from Belgium was the next to be featured on Mac20Q. I find it amazing that I get to talk to so many interesting people doing some super stuff with the Mac, and Peter was no exception. Andrew Jones, who is a British guy living in New Jersey in the U.S. doing photography, art, web design, video and all sorts of artistic endeavour was featured on the Mac20Q Podcast 86. He has set up a web site that he would like to see as a community of Mac users helping each other, which follows on from the work he does helping Mac users near where he lives. For a change I came upon Andrew via YouTube instead of Twitter, where I seem to meet with most people.
  3. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    Quite a few more episodes since I last posted in here. Mac20Q Podcast 60 I talked with the developer of Mercury Mover Keith Alperin and had a software giveaway for show listeners Mac20Q Podcast 61 Then I had the pleasure of talking to Steve Sheridan who is the husband of Podcast Allison Sheridan. We had an excellent chat about how he uses his Mac to convert video to digital amongst other things Mac20Q Podcast 62 MacDavid was the next guest on the show and we had fun talking about Macs, he is into life streaming. Very keen to make video where ever he goes. Mac20Q Podcast 63 Next up is Peter Wobster & Krystal Gault, Krystal and Peter are film makers in the North West of England and they also run Cinematopia a small film festival. Here is what they say about Cinematopia. They organise CINEMATOPIA which is Preston’s only regular MOVIE NIGHT hosted by the Mad Ferret and Kitsch Monkey Productions Krystal is the Kitsch Monkey. Mac20Q Podcast 64 More cinema and film making with David and Karen In Mac 20 Questions podcast 64 I am talking to the vibrant hosts of Film Courage, which you will find at L.A Talk Radio. We had a great conversation about film and movie making and I surely get the impression that these are people to watch out for. Most definitely going places in the movie industry. Obviously they are FinalCutPro users and big fans of the Mac. Their story of the sound guy having to listen to the strippers in the movie making certain noises was very funny. One of them is an actual porn star. Mac20Q Podcast 65 Ray Ortega otherwise known as the Produce Picker or @Podcasthelper, works as a professional podcaster and I we had an excellent chat about podcasting, using the Mac and making video. Ray searches twitter to find people asking questions about how to podcast then helps them become a better podcaster. Good Man Ray ! Mac20Q Podcast 66 David Schloss of Maccreate Another of my passions is photography and I am lucky to have David Schloss from MacCreate as a guest who is a photographer too. He tells us about his equipment and how he uses it for his sport photos and also his macro photography. We chat about the new SLR cameras that do video as well as stills. Stock photography gets a mention – I do some micro stock with Fotolia and sell some of my images, both illustrations and photos. I would have to put in more effort though to make it pay me much of money but I do get some money out of it from time to time. It all helps In the interview we also mention HDR photography and some of our favourite photographers. I like the work by Dave Hill – no not the old Slade guitarist and for HDR there is a guy called ‘Stuck in Customs’ on Flickr He has made a tutorial to show how he does it also. Mac20Q Podcast 67 Flimutopia. many Film makers use the Mac for their work and lately I have been interviewing people for Video20Q and putting the interview on Mac20Q if they are Mac users also. Clive is an avid Mac user and we talk quite a bit about how he uses his Mac with his film making business. He is taking footage from a Red Camera (huge data files) to do rough edits in FinalCutPro. He talks about Final Draft and Celtx. The Filmutopia company website, where people can see clips from my movies and Clive has a Filmutopia blog, The blog is published with a new post every Sunday morning – European time, which I then discuss with readers on twitter. Mac20Q Podcast 68 The latest podcast for now is with Andy McCaskey of SDRNews. A veteran Mac podcaster Andy has been podcasting for some time and so we had a great chat about the Mac and Podcasting. Andy is responsible for SDR News which is SlashDot Review. SDR News is a Daily Monday to Friday Technology Podcast with Tech News Highlights from Slashdot, Digg and Reddit. It is a 12 to 14 minute podcast.
  4. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    The Mac 20 Questions Podcast is going from strength to strength and I am working on Podcast numbers 60 and 61 getting the interviews edited ready to turn into a podcast in my preferred audio editor AmadeusPro. Since the Karen Sperling interview we have Podcast 55 in which I talk to a few people about their plans to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Then we have the excellent Knightwise from Belgium talking about what he does with his Macs. He does do some things with Linux, but I think we can forgive him for that. Podcast 57 was a bit of a special because I talked with the couple Jamin and Kiowa Winans who are Movie makers and are promoting their latest film INK. They talk to me about the filming, the actors, finding locations, the post production work which of course was done on a Mac using Final Cut Pro. Jamin also is a musician and did the score for the Film. GazMaz is a bloke from England and is a rugby referee. On a Saturday he will don a pair of shorts and stick a whistle in his mouth to keep the hookers and scrum half players under control. Gazmaz does a recording for the MacReviewcast and also with For Mac Eyes Only. You have to listen to GazMaz as he is a really nice guy and has plenty to say about Macs. That's Podcast 58 The next one is Podcast 59 and I talk with an IT professional by the name of GilesThurston. He is a fairly recent switcher to the Mac and it is a great thing to get a switchers view of the Mac. I have two recordings in the can ready for editing to be turned into the podcast. If you would like to be featured on the show let me know. You can send an email to mac20q at g mail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if you would like to suggest some questions to be asked on the show to. Maybe you think I have missed a huge topic that really should be covered. David Allen Wizardgold Mac 20 Questions
  5. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    In the Mac 20 Questions podcast 54 I have recently interviewed a writer and artist thet use a Mac. her name is Karen Sperling and her book is called 'Painting for Photographers' She really know her stuff and was a delight to listen to when I recorded the chat for the podcast. Karen uses PainterX extensively and is responsible for writing a number of manuals for the application. I think it is safe to call her an expert. Karen will also use Photoshop for some aspects of her work. She has an exhibition of her work in the California gallery Gallery Godo and if I lived close enough I would go to it. The invite is open so if you live in that part of the world you can get the address from Mac20Q. Another podcast from Mac 20 Questions is the Snow Leopard part two. I talk to some users that have made the leap to upgrade and get their opinions on how it went. What about you and your Macs' how did it go? I did the nuke and pave in the iMac and was pleased. On my MacBook I did the upgrade and was not happy, so had to finish the job with a clean install on that too. All now is tickety boo, and running like a charm. Love the increase in speed, though now after a couple of weeks I have got used to it
  6. wizardgold

    Twin Finder

    Had a look at the script and it works a treat. I will now see if I can add it to the services menu in Snow Leopard
  7. wizardgold

    Drawing Software Recommendation

    I have Art Rage and can confirm that it is a handy application for drawing. Pixelmator is another possibility and also Gimp (although I don't much like Gimp) Corel Painter is indeed a fine application and many concept artists use for creating some amazing art. Photoshop is an industry standard but does take time to learn, but for now have a look at Artrage and you can use layers to make your onion skinning. have the previous drawing on a separate layer and adjust the opacity of it. The previous layer can be locked so you don't mess it up too.
  8. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    Latest podcasts from Mac 20 Questions. I got talking to Rachael Furn a young web developer that loves her Mac. She giggled her way through the interview and you can't help but like her. She goes by the name of @calmbanana on Twitter and has her domain name as Calmbanana too. Also recently I did a Snow Leopard special podcast talking to users just before the Snow Leopard upgrade day, to get an idea of what plans they had for the upgrade. I will do a follow up too when they have actually done the upgrade. You can get the latest podcasts from Mac 20 Questions and if you would like to be featured then send me a Direct message through this forum or contact me on Twitter.
  9. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    The latest podcast published was number 50 and I was talking to Mike Peter Reed about how he uses his Mac as part of his film making activities. He is into the sound recording aspect of the film making but has recently taken part in a challenge to make a feature length film in 2 weeks. Listen now Or visit Mac 20 Questions
  10. wizardgold

    My son has switched

    I gave my youngest son my old iMac with a wacom tablet so that he could do his digital art while at art college. He had used a Mac while doing a Photoshop course the previous year and had expressed interest in the Mac. Now he has plans to by the same as his older brother just got his hands on, a MacBookPro 2.66Ghz. I recommended that one to both of the lads because the photshop work for the artist and the video work for the camera man son. He nearly down graded to the base model due to lack of money so I had to stump up to help him get what I considered a minimum for the work they want to do. The 2.66 has the extra video card in there and will be extra useful when Snow Leopard comes to us in September. The Camera guy actually got the MacBookPro now and has been playing with Garageband while importing the video from his new camera, a Sony EX1, so he has 2 toys to play with. I have told him to start saving for a Drobo for his video storage. He will be creating loads of mega bytes of content so he will need one. for sure.
  11. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    In the latest podcast at mac 20 Questions I am talking to Cameron Banga of College Kid App. He and a few college buddies have set up a business to make an iPhone application. Seems they are starting from scratch and documenting the process. In the interview Cameron talks about how he uses his Mac and also about the iPhone application project. Let me know if you would like to be featured on the Mac 20 Questions Podcast.
  12. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    More podcasts published on the mac 20 Questions podcast. The latest is with @BostinBloke Donato Exposito You can get all the podcasts at Mac 20 Questions website
  13. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    Just posted the latest Mac 20 Questions Podcast with the interview you have all been waiting for. I got talking to Adam for the Maccast about how he uses his Mac on a daily basis. I enjoyed talking to Adam and I think you will enjoy the listening tot the interview also.
  14. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    Since the last post on here I have produced a few more podcasts for Mac 20 Questions . Interviews:- Podcast 30 - Michael King Podcast 31- Paul Kingham Podcast 32 - BJ Wanlund and finally there is a Mac20Q Round Table meeting Podcast, in which a bunch of us chat about a few topics and Mac geekyness. PatMahon, Elaine Giles, Paul Shadwell, Michael from Germany, Michael Smith, Michael King, Jane from Australia, and Mike Thomas. You can get all of these episodes in iTunes by subscribing to Mac 20 Questions. Or go to the Mac 20 Questions Web Site
  15. wizardgold

    Mac 20 Questions Podcast

    Episode 29 for the Mac 20 Questions Podcast featuring Mark Sheppard is now ready. Available for download from Mac20Q or can get as a subscription in iTunes.