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  1. rmsmits

    Mavericks Install

    Yeah. I keep an old G4 mini around that can still use Classic for that very reason. I looked up the Dual Boot option and it's pretty straightforward except that people were saying you might have to quick hit cancel or else the download package might automatically start the install process. Don't really feel like babysitting a download to quickly hit cancel especially if I start the download and then go to bed. Maybe I can create a standard user account and hope the authorization I provide won't also authorize the install. Or maybe I can look around for a .dmg of the download elsewhere on the web, but I don't really trust this option.
  2. rmsmits

    Mavericks Install

    Is there a way to have Mavericks download to a place other than the Applications folder, or not automatically install if downloaded directly to the apps folder? I don't want to lose Snow Leopard since I still have some PPC only apps that I use, so I plan to make a partition and install Mavericks there instead of an "upgrade". Thanks.
  3. Ever since the new, (non-free) version came out, I get the update reminder pop up every single day. Each day I click the "skip this version" button to no avail. Any suggestions (short of paying for the upgrade) to stop the pop up?
  4. My sister is buying an external drive for back-up. It's a 2 TB drive and my recommendation to her is going to be to partition the drive and use half for a CCC bootable backup and the other half for Time Machine. I know both CCC and TM need to work with HFS format, but she also has Windows 7 running with Parallels. Will the HFS format be able to properly back up the Windows stuff?
  5. rmsmits

    Is there an App for that?

    Hi, I'm looking for an app where I can load in a set of floor plans (pdfs) and then somehow tag locations on it which are linked to photos. The idea is that we could visually audit a facility. Is there an App for that? Thanks, By the way, ideally we would also want to indicate on the tag which direction we were facing when the photo was shot.
  6. rmsmits

    Empty USB Thumb Drive Trash

    Many moons ago I wondered if there was a way to delete items from a thumb drive without having to empty the entire trash folder. Just today I stumbled upon the solution and thought I would share. http://www.mrrsoftware.com/MRRSoftware/Curb.html
  7. rmsmits

    Free Agent GoFlex 2 Terabyte HD

    No trouble with mine. I believe I installed their drive tools, plugged it in, and it worked straight away.
  8. rmsmits

    Network Security

    A much easier way to find out the ISP was to just go to speedtest.net and run it. I found out that my neighbor is using Time Warner which I've had before and it is fast, but their customer service is so bad I can honestly say it was one of the (if not THE) worst experiences I've ever had with any company.
  9. rmsmits

    Network Security

    I don't know if my neighbor has a limited bandwidth plan, but I don't make it a habit to use their connection. I try to keep it to a minimum for that reason. It's just frustrating when family members want to see their niece or grand daughter and my basic broadband keeps dropping the Skype call.
  10. rmsmits

    Network Security

    Confession time: When I use Skype, my internet connection is sometimes too slow and drops the call. My solution has been to jump on my neighbors much faster internet connection. Since they obviously are not locking down their network, my question is am I opening up myself from a security standpoint during that time? For instance, will my computer be visible to anyone in the area? ALthough I can see an jump onto my neighbor's networks, none of their computers show up in my sidebar like what I see when I'm in a hotel or something. Thanks.
  11. rmsmits

    Retain metadata in converted video files?

    I've moved away from iMovie and have been evaluating a program called Usher to manage my home movies. When I asked the programmer about the creation date issue, he suggested that I, "use an AppleScript or similar to batch-reset the creation dates to their original values". I've done things in Automator, but never Applescript. Anyone have some pointers on how to do this, or perhaps where a script like this already exists?
  12. rmsmits

    Retain metadata in converted video files?

    MPEG Streamclip is very disappointing. It's pretty much useless without the MPEG-2 playback component that you have to shell out $20 bucks for. Still looking for a better solution.
  13. I have a Cannon video camera that creates .MOD files. In order to get them into imovie, I use Handbrake to convert them into .m4v files. The problem is that if I shot a video in 2010, but then do the conversion today, imovie will automatically give it today's date when imported. It's as if all the original metadata (specifically the time stamp) is getting dumped during the conversion process. Is there a way to retain this using handbrake, or do I need to use another program? Thanks.
  14. rmsmits

    Password Management

    Thanks. I'll check out KeePass. Any experience with LastPass?
  15. rmsmits

    Password Management

    Hi, I'm looking for alternatives to 1password. I know 1password gets rave reviews, but I don't think I need that level sophistication and don't want to spend 40 bucks for it. I don't need to sync over multiple devices. I really just need it to store about a dozen or so usernames and passwords. I think something like this can be had for around 10 bucks or less. Recommendations? Thanks,