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  1. Macwrold 2008

    But does priority seating mean there is a reserved seat for me?
  2. Macwrold 2008

    Okay, I really want to go to Macworld 2008, but I do have a few questions. 1) Is it open for anybody or just developers? 2)If I buy the Platinum Passs (from last year) will it give me good seating for the Keynote? 3) What else is there to do? Look at differnt 3rd Party Products? 4) When does it usuallu open to buy the passes? 5) What is the difference between the conference and the expo?
  3. Steve's Email

    What is Mr. Steve Jobs' email?
  4. 64 Bit?

    What machines are 64 bit capable?
  5. iPhone - Tips

    Okay, I have been saving up for an Apple iPhone ever scince Apple announced it. Where I currently live (Westchester, NY) there is an Apple Retail store, and a AT&T store in walking distance from me. Where should I go? What time should I arrive? Should I bring a tent? HELP!
  6. Was that Kiefer Southerland as the announcer? (I know that my username is Jack Bauer)