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    Downloads on my mac!

    Ok well I backed up all my data and re installed my OS. This seams to have fixed the problem. It is definatley something to do with me as I used to get the same broblem on my iMac G5 until I made a new user account and transfered all my stuff there. But I couldn't do that on my iMac G4 because you cant create new user accounts!! Maybe im just doing something horribly wrong with my macs! But reformatting the hard drive seams to have done the trick.
  2. breasoft

    Downloads on my mac!

    It dosen't matter what browser I use. It's the same problem if I use Safari, Fire Fox, Camino, IE what ever. I am behind a fire wall. But I have tried turning it off and the problem remains.
  3. breasoft

    Downloads on my mac!

    HI there, I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with a problem I have with downloading using a web browser. It worked fine for a few months when I first got my mac, basically I click on a link and it should redirect you a .dmg file link or what ever it is that your downloading. It goes to that page, but then goes back to the download page without downloading anything. The only way I can download things through my browser is by right clicking the link and manually selecting the linked file. That's the only current solution at the moment. But it doesn't work when I download from sites like download.com or apple.com for that matter. Is it a problem with my Internet preferences or firewall? This has happened with other mac users I know so I doubt it's anything directly to do with me. Hope you can help! Thanks.
  4. breasoft

    -36 error when syncing iPod in iTunes

    I had this problem a few months ago when I got my iPod photo. It said exactley the same thing with me. All I did was insted of syncing my iPod with my iPhoto library I synced it with my Pictures folder. It contains all the stuff from your iPhoto library as it goes straight through the folders in your Pictures folder and finds all the photos you have. It worked for me so it should work for you. If it dosen't then I can't help you.... Unplug the machine and walk away.