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  1. Manuel

    Macbook display problem

    Hi, I've got a white 13" Macbook running 10.5.5, and have started to experience the following problem. I think it began after I started using the mini DVI adapter to connect the Macbook to the TV (RCA connector). After I log in to my user, the screen seams dark and with an incorrect resolution. Moving settings in the Display Pane in System Prefs does nothing. I've found out that connecting the mini DVI adapter fixes the problem, but every time I reboot the screen comes up wrong. I also found out that if I log in to another user on the maching everything is fine. Could you guys help me on this one. Are there some pref files I need to trash to reset my user? Thanks, Manuel ----- The Law of Attraction is NOT the Only Law! Discover 11 Other Laws Not Revealed in "the Secret"! http://www.the11forgottenlaws.com/?p=741
  2. Manuel

    iBook featured in a song

    You can listen to a sample of the song at: http://lavamus.com/flash_track.php?trid=35...xpress%20mix%29
  3. Manuel

    Safari overlapping words

    I found the solution to my problem. It was a font issue but after reinstalling my fonts and having the same problem, Googling I found a recomendation to use the shareware application "font finagler" to clear the font cache. After clearing the cache and a forced reboot everything is back to normal. Manuel
  4. Manuel

    Safari overlapping words

    I may have found the problem. Since I had removed all my user fonts, I had a font missing when I opened a Photoshop document. Installing "Edwardian Script ITC" font, solved the problem in some sites (Google, Maccast), but I'm still having problem in other sites. I guess the issue has something to do with fonts, but I have no clue how to determine which ones I need to reinstall to solve this.
  5. Manuel

    Safari overlapping words

    Today I began to have an issue with Safari in that some words in the page contents is being displayed overlapped. I've tried restarting but the issue is still present. Here are some examples: I created a new user account and Safari works fine there, so it it definately something in my user account. Firefox works fine, and I've also tried removing my users font folder from ~Library and loggin out and back in, but still have the problem. In the Font Book I see some fonts with a dot besides them (are these duplicates?). How do I return to the default/initial font state? Has anyone else seen this? Any tips on what I could try? I'm on: Mac OS 10.4.8 Safari 2.0.4 Macbook 1.83 GHz Core Duo
  6. I agree Craig, that if podcasters included their show number in the track number field it would be easy to sort, but most of the podcasts I'm subscribed to don't have that information (maybe only 2 of them). So I would be much happier if Apple included the release date column just as Sparky describes, since this wouldn't require any change on the podcasters side. Manuel
  7. I imagine others have run into the same problem I've had, when I download several episodes from a single podcast (maybe a new podcast and I want to catch up with earlirer episodes). iTunes only displays "date added" but not the release date. I'd like to create a smartplaylist to sort by Release Date instead of Date Added in order to hear the episodes in order. I see that the release date appears in the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file but have no idea how to access it from iTunes. Maybe some of the smart people out there can find a way to copy the release date to the comments of each file to accomplish this. Or if someone has already found a solution, please advise. Thanks, Manuel
  8. Manuel

    iTunes 7

    Anyone else seen a problem with playing videos fullscreen? I've only tested on my Macbook and when I play videos fullscreen the video has a blue tint to it. If I play the video in a seperate window the colors are fine. It only happens on full screen.
  9. Manuel

    iPod doesn't update smartplaylists

    Ginamos, Thanks for your help and suggestions. I checked Apple Support Forum and there was a thread regarding this issue. For anyone having this problem go to this thread. I will be trying a suggestion on that thread to change "Podcast is true" to "Genre is Podcast" since that seams to work.
  10. Manuel

    iPod doesn't update smartplaylists

    I'm using the latest version 1.1.1 (2006-03-23). With the same behaviour. I've done some testing and it does work with songs. I have a "New Song" smartplaylist that does work on the iPod updating automatically when I listen to one of these songs. Apparently the problem is with podcasts, since thoso smartplaylists don't get updated after listening to a show.
  11. I've had this issue for some time and I believe it was present on my 4G iPod and also on my 5G iPod. I have some smartplaylists to show new podcast (play count = 0). If I listen to a podcast the play count is increased (because when I sync the iPod it gets removed from the smartplaylist), but before I sync, the iPod still shows the podcast as part of the list. I'm not sure if this only happens with podcasts or is there a limitation on the iPod when handling smartplaylists locally? A friend was telling me that he's got a smartplaylist that is sorted by Last Played showing the most recently played at the botton. This list only consists of music mp3s and if he listens to a song and goes out and back into the list, the iPod still show the songs in the same order and doesn't update. Thanks for any help.
  12. Manuel

    alternatives to iSight

    Has anyone used iChatUSBCam with the Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks? Would the Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks provide a reasonable solution?
  13. I've been using Romeo with my cellphone to control Apps on the Mac, but I haven't been able to get Forward or Backward working. All the other functions work fine, but Forward or Backward is not. I created a Menu Item for this selecting "Key Press to Front App" Atl+Cmnd+Left Arrow, but nothing happens. Does anyone know of an applescript to perform this 10 second forward or backward skip? Thanks, Manuel
  14. Manuel

    Help! Accidentally trashed iCal

    I went back to basics. After copying iCal 2.0.2 from my eMac to the Powerbook, I logged in with a new user, and iCal worked fine. I loggen back in to my user and moved all my calendars off of the folder (~Library/Application Support/iCal/Sources/ ). Once I moved the calendars iCal opened fine. I am now in the process of importing my calendars one by one to find out which one was causing the problem. Thanks, Manuel
  15. Manuel

    Help! Accidentally trashed iCal

    On the macupdate and versiontracker websites I only see iCal 1.5.5 but this isn't Tiger compatible. Do you know somewhere else I may find the latest iCal app to download?