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  1. MacNeo


    60gb photo and maybe i'll buy a shuffle/nano, i haven't decided yet.
  2. MacNeo

    definig your internet IP address

    the widget is cool, but i prefer much more BwanaDik it shows both local and external ip, and it copies them to clipboard with a single click. And it takes up very little space, wich is good.
  3. MacNeo

    Saving Quicktime movie

    they can right-click on the link to the video, and choose "downlaod linked file", instead of opening it directly inside the browser's window. or you can zip (or sit, or whatever) the video
  4. MacNeo

    Quictime frustration.

    i have both vlc and mplayer... you know, just to be 100% sure i can open everything my favourite anime was Cowboy Bebop (1999), and now i'm watching Tsubasa Chronicle (2005)... but i have to say it's not that great. Fun to watch, but the story goes on a bit too slowly in my opinion.
  5. MacNeo

    id3 tags

    I put the "featuring" info at the end of the track name too. And talking about lyrics: yes, iPod nano can show lyrics, all other iPods can't. I thought they would have released a software update in a couple of days to fix that... but we're still waiting, dunno why :evil:
  6. MacNeo

    Convert .mov to .gif?

    You gotta have QuickTime PRO. Then, open the movie go to "File > Export", select "Export: Movie to Image Sequence", click "Options" and choose what you want (or choose one of the default settings in "Use:"). Then use something like GIFfun (freeware), mount the image sequence and save as GIF.
  7. iChat uses the AIM/AOL network, so you can talk to ICQ people too. And with iChat 3 you can even set up a Jabber account, and use that to connect to MSN, Yahoo and other. But, if you use all those protocols heavily, i would suggest trying adium, fire, proteus or other softwares specific for that.
  8. MacNeo

    Keynote presenter view

    I wouldn't use it in clamshell mode... the temperature gets high and the iBook is not build to dissipate the heat with the display closed. It's ok if you plan to use "light" applications, but if you plan to use heavy ones i would leave the monitor open.
  9. MacNeo

    mail @yahoo

    And, for real webmail-only services (when they don't give you POP nor IMAP), you can still use Mail with MacFreePOPs. I had to use it for a webmail account, and it worked perfetcly
  10. I don't think it's an Audacity problem... i have it from a long time, and both RealPlayer and WMP work perfectly :?
  11. MacNeo

    Keynote presenter view

    Be carefull if you have an iBook G3, it can mess everything up (read the info on the website red5230 gave u) If you have an iBook G4 it's ok, i use it from almost one year with no problems.
  12. MacNeo

    Building Safari from sourcecode....kinda...

    I do, but without compiling a single line of code I simply use NightShift. It's just like CaminoKnight or FireFix, if you know them... You click a button, and the software checks for new nightly builds, downloads and install them. It takes up less time than downloading and compiling with CVS, and the result is the same. Well... it's better, because you have a nice Webkit app in your Applications folder, instead of having to write a string in the shell to run it. So, go check it! PS. if you've got an error when trying NightShift, simply wait for the next nightly build (you can check it in the Change Log) ... looks like sometimes the builds they put online are corrupted or have wrong permissions so that you can't download them. But usually they fix that when they release a new build.
  13. MacNeo

    Paying for Music Vids

    They already sell DVDs with music videos and/or live shows. And people buy them.
  14. MacNeo

    IP Question

    That is the image on versiontracker :roll: Right now i'm connected via airport to an ethernet adsl modem, and i see (local) and 82.56.x.y (external) (of course i've changed last numbers to x and y)
  15. MacNeo

    IP Question

    BwanaDik it's one of my must-have menu item. It takes a very little space in the menu bar, and it shows both local and external IPs