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  1. toshiro

    Extension 666

    I recently became the proud owner of a Macintosh Classic II that I found on a flea market. It is an awesome buy for just $10 -the fact that it boots it more awesome that the machine itself! In any case, I was cleaning the Extensions folder when I found an a file named "666". According to my googleing 666 is a potentially destructive virus for 680x0-based Macintoshes that launches on a specific date. Now my question is, how do I get rid of it? Where can I find an antivirus that works with it? Thank-you very much for attention and your responses. ------------------------------ Am really unsure if this forum is the correct place to post about this. I thought about "Software" but at the end I went for "Off Topic" because most people don't deal with 68k-viruses anymore.
  2. toshiro

    Quick (but not Dirty) Image App?

    Thank-you cavanaughphoto, and everyone who posted!!! EayBatchPhoto really did the trick and I absolutely love it! Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you! Also Thanks for Imagewell for it now forms part of my apps to use in a regular basis!!
  3. toshiro


    Also, you might want to try the homepage of the individual linux distro you are willing to install. For example, here is Fedora's Tracker
  4. Hello everybody Am looking for a solution that will allow me to post or stamp on the date in which a photo was taken. The app that came with my camera does a rather ungraceful and awful job (just stamps it on the center with no options what-so-ever) and my budget is lower than dirt. If there is an automator script that can do it, that is also welcomed. Many thanks in for even bothering to read this post... EDIT: I found these app few days ago, but they run on Windows. Is there something like them on the Mac?? PhotoStamper PhotoUtil
  5. toshiro

    Multi-Boot Intel Macs theory

    It has been several months since I've hard the theory that dual-core sytstems might be able to run multiple OS at the same time. I heard Adam's (?) idea that Apple might produce Intel Macs that are capable of booting more than one OS at the same time. This brought to mind this little clip that one can find on the AusMac.net site: http://www.mirrors.ausmac.net/ftp/Quicktim...00-which-ad.mov I know this is an Ad for the old PC*enabled PowerMacs, but watching it and thinking about the previously mentioned idea is sweet.
  6. <This is my first time posting on there, so please be gentle> Am trying to get wireless internet access on my college but the admins are constatly loosing settings (such as the MAC addresses), and I really want to be able to access the internet. Is it possible for me to set-up my own VPN to access the internet with and use their network as "a trampoline". I guess that way I can forget about them missing my settings so often. Any Ideas?
  7. I was wondering how can I buy music from an iTMS from another country (more specifically, the one from Spain). Thank-you in advance for any responses.