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    Australian iPod & iTunes

    Well, itunes music store is here now - finally, so go nuts! yay!
  2. tikEK

    Adobe Illustrator

    yep, freehand is similar, but nowhere near as accepted as illustrator. I'm interested in you comments on it being clunky, what do you mean?? I use it every day, and it is by no means clunky, I couldn't function at my job without it... there is nothing else that compares. Illustrator is the best program of it's kind period... thoughts... :?:
  3. Hi All, Strange font issue when i view widgets in dashboard. The fonts appear outlined, and I have no ideas as to why? see attached. It also seems to be doing it in Safari when viewing the dashboard page @ apple (as seen in the bgnd)... Any ideas? I'm hoping it's just some weird preference thing. cheers.