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  1. NoKnothing

    How to get volume and eject on non apple keyboard

    Hello? Ten days and no replies. Where are all the Mac experts in my hour of need?
  2. Hi all, My Apple extended keyboard died so now I'm using a non apple keyboard that came with a previous computer. It's an older Macally model. It has all the function keys, but does not have the dedicated volume up, volume down, mute, and eject keys. How can I assign these functions to the function keys up there (F13-F16 I believe)? I know how to assign keyboard shortcuts in general, but since there's no volume up app there's nothing I can point the F13 key to in that prefpane. I tried creating a script and assigning it to the F13 key and that worked, but the script I was able to cobble together opened the system preferences, went to the sound pane, and then increased the sound slider volume. It takes about four seconds to run and is very intrusive. What's the invisible way to do this? Thanks, -NoKnothing
  3. NoKnothing

    Will the Mac mini Get Smaller?

    There's really no need to make it smaller. As components shrink, they'll just add more features and options. If you want a smaller Mac computer, there's always the Newton. : - )
  4. NoKnothing

    How to create a DVD with no themes or menus

    Haivu, you are exactly right. Since the user is limited to a single clip in that box, it will probably be necessary to save/export the iMovie project as a single DV clip. You will probably lose your chapters markers that way, but if iDVD lets you cram a huge DV file into that first box on the "Map view" then it ought to work.
  5. NoKnothing

    How to create a DVD with no themes or menus

    In iLife 05 using iDVD there is a way (I think) to do what you want. Import your movie. Choose a theme, one that looks good because when you STOP the dvd it will go to this menu before you eject it. You'll have to have a theme, but you can delete background images, sounds and unneeded links to make it as simple as you like. Switch to the heirchal view, or tree view, where it allows you to see the layout of the links. You will have only a simple layout. The very first box is one that autoplays. It would be for a short clip about who distributes the DVD if it were a commercial one(Paramount, MGM, Universal, etc). Try dragging your main feature into this zone. If iDVD lets you do it, then you're good to go. It will play as soon as you slide in the tray into the player. The only trouble would be if iDVD limits the length of movies there. Hopefully not! Good luck.
  6. NoKnothing

    Change Startup Chime

    My Mini also uses the internal speaker for the startup chime. Not as nice sounding as my G3 iMac was. This is probably because the software has not yet checked to see if a device (headphones/speakers) is plugged into the audio port. Checking the port is probably a function of the OS, which has not loaded at this point of the startup sequence. The only way around this would be for apple to send the sound to BOTH the internal and audio port at the same time. I am not familiar with the wiring of the sound controller, so this may be an impossibility without significant changes to the sound architecture.
  7. NoKnothing

    iPhoto's Making Me Angry

    PS, you can change the keywords in the iPhoto Preferences somewhere. Sorry, I'm not in front of a good computer (a Mac) right now. In the main screen of iPhoto, click on a photo or group of them, hit (command+i) to open the get info window and click on the keywords tab. -NK
  8. NoKnothing

    iPhoto's Making Me Angry

    Marty and treadlightly. The method I use is tagging with keywords. I have a keyword for each member of my family, one for birthdays, holidays, friends, kids, my family, wife's family (names withheld of course), house, computers, work, etc I don't bother naming the rolls since they're always mixed events on my SD cars. I just highlight a group of photos and tag em with as many keywords as apply. I can search for the terms "birthday, friends, kids" for example and get all photos taken at a birthday party that have kids of my friends in them. I can do a search for my name, wife's name, and kids's names and come up with all picts that are portraits of the whole fam. A search for my name and 'work' pulls all relelvant photos. Changing my name to hers pulls up all photos related to her work and coworkers. It works really well for me, just have enough keywords to cover all the basics without getting too detailed. Do NOT delete any of the keywords tha you have been using. It will untag all photos with that tag and there's no way to undo it except for recreating the keyword and retagging them all. I once creating a tag, used it for a group of picts and then deled it, but it untagged all the photos I had applied it to. Dang. Marty, to get your picts out or iPhoto into your Movies folder, just drag and drop the movies! Highlight them from iPhoto and drage em over to yoru Movies picture. This will probably duplicate them. If it only makes aliases then try Option-dragging them. then you can delete them from iPhoto if you want to. Hope this helps. -NoKnothign.
  9. NoKnothing

    iDVD to VIDEO_TS

    There is a setting in iDVD's Preferences (in 05, not sure about 06), that is a check box next to a line that says something like: "Delete files after rendering" or something like that. You want to uncheck that option. That way, any footage or menus that have been rendered already and not modified since you last burned will not be rerendered. This will cut WAY down on the time to make a disc (or disk image) after you modify your project. Hope this helps. -NoKnothing
  10. NoKnothing

    converting mp4's to website formats

    mp4 files will be less compatible than a standart .mov file. If you can open it in iMovie, you can export a MOV that's small enough for a website.
  11. NoKnothing

    Adam has a Mac Mini

    I highly recommend the Dell 17" Ultrasharp 1704FPT 17-inch Flat Panel LCD. It's not the cheapest, but it's one of the best for color fidelity, even back-lighting, and options. (There's a 19" version too). http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/Product...uctlisting.aspx I use it for my primary monitor with the Mini. I have the mini plugged into the DVI port, and a dumb PC plugged into the VGA port. I toggle between them with a button on the front of the monitor. The built in 4 port powered USB hub is a lifesaver. Two USBs would be inadequate without it. The monitor can tilt, swivel, lean, rotate, piroette, and swirl... lots of adjustability. OK, that is all. Find a thread about LCDs. -NK
  12. NoKnothing

    Really Really old Mac game...?

    If I'm not mistaken, that is the game called 'Spin Doctor'. Pretty fun, although I only had the demo with a few levels back in the day. A Google search may be able to help you. One site reports that it plays flawlessly in Classic, but you would have to have a copy of the game of course. High time for someone to make an online version of this game! Seems a perfect candidate for a web app, and believe it or not, I could see it as a multiplayer game too. -NoKnothing
  13. NoKnothing

    Adam has a Mac Mini

    Welcome to the fold Adam. Hope it serves you well, I love mine. Might I recommend: www.byodkm.net (some will remember 'byodkm' from Steve's keynote) www.123macmini.com To answer your question; my PPC Mini has an external power brick with the dimensions of 1.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches (I just measured it for you). How does that compare to yours? -NoKnothing
  14. Hello MacGeeks, My apologies if this has been covered, but I didn't find it in my searches if it was. How do I schedule iTunes to start playing a playlist at a set time of the day (the morning)? The Energy Saver control panel will allow me to sleep and wake my computer at set times, but there is no option that I find to set a "wakeup item" to run. Even setting iTunes as a startup item opens it, but doesn't start it playing, and anyway, I hardly ever shut off my Mini, I just sleep it. Automator didn't help, because I didn't see any time triggers (for example: at 7:15am, begin this series of actions...). I would prefer an Apple way to do it, but I'm open to freeware options too. Thx, -NK
  15. NoKnothing

    'Mac' in all product names?

    Dang! Settle down sql4umitch. It was just a joke. A satirical commentary on a recent trend with Apple products naming scheme. -NK