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  1. Colin

    Need help w/ a dead iBook ...

    Have you tried booting from an external hard-drive? This might help http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=1035947
  2. Hi, Does anybody know of any Family Tree/Genealogy Software that would work on the Mac? Thanks. Colin
  3. Colin

    Remote Logon

    Hi, Does anyone know how I could set up my Mac for a remote logon. Is there anything simular to Remote Desktop on the PC side? Thanks
  4. Colin

    network printer?

    i would have to keep the computer on if I wanted to print to that printer, right?
  5. Colin

    network printer?

    Hi, does anybody know of a good printer that will allow me to share it between multiple computers (mac/pc)? I dont have a airport base station so I cant use the usb printer I have now. I think im looking for a printer that has an eithernet port. please email your reponse to 11CFerris(at)fmschools(dot)org. thanks!
  6. Colin

    copy dvd

    thanks for the help
  7. Colin

    copy dvd

    does anyone know of a good piece of free software that will copy dvd movies (backup for personal use)? thanks
  8. Colin

    Rapidweaver made iLife not work

    No, It wasnt Rapidweaver it was some other 3rd party application.
  9. Colin

    Rapidweaver made iLife not work

    yeh, I used the cd's that came with my mac mini to reinstall iLife but nothing different seems to happen.
  10. Hi, I installed Rapidweaver on my Mac. After the trial time ended I trashed the program. Then I went back to using iWeb. When I went into iWeb the only thing that shows is the site in the left hand corner. I cant click on create a new page or site. Thanks for helping and reading the post.
  11. Colin

    How can I install iLife with broken Super Drive?

    Connect your flash to a Mac with a DVD drive. You should also insert the iLife dvd. Launch Apple's Disk Utility applet, found in /Applications/Utilities/ Choose any disk listed on the left hand side and select the "Restore" tab. Here you will see a "Source:" field and a "Destination:" field. On the left you should be able to find your flash drive and your iLife DVD. You want to drag the iLife DVD to the "Source:" field and the flash drive to the "Destination:" field. Next click Restore. You need not check "Erase Destination" unless you just want to. If you choose the erase destination make sure you have a backup. Insert the flash drive into the computer that doesn't have the dvd rom drive. Install If the above didnt work make a folder in your hard drive. Copy the contents of the flash drive to that folder. Then try to install. If you have any ferther questions you can email me at cferris1123(at)gmail(dot)com
  12. Colin

    A REALLY stupid iTunes question

    I did a backup to a disc its really easy.
  13. Hi, I am 14. My Grandfather has been a long time Mac user. When he got a new Mac Mini he gave me his old g3. I am looking to upgrade. I looked on apple's page and noticed that my school is not listed. Does this mean that I dont apply for the student discount? Our school gets their computers for OCM Boces (more like leases them). What Should I do. I am looking purchasing the macbook. What should I do? By the way I go to Fayetteville-Manlius High School. (Fayetteville-Manlius School District) Syracuse, NY