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    Quicktime and security updates

    I believe these updates can cause some major issues for some of us MacBook Pro users. I'm currently working on my fourth rebuild as I try to narrow down what is causing the issue. I believe I have it narrowed down to either the QuickTime update, the FrontRow update or the Security update. Most likely the security update. Several of us MBP users have had our computers lock up hard after that update. On a complete rebuild, installing all updates, my Adobe CS install locks up on disk 2. If I install Adobe prior to doing the updates, on yet another rebuild, it works fine until those updates are installed. Then major hard lock up again. At this point I'm trying to get all my apps running without the 3 updates mentioned above. Then I need to call/visit Apple and see what is going on. Spent way too much time this weekend rebuilding over and over again. J....
  2. jhogarty

    10.4.5 Did Not Break My Computer

    Well oddly enough I found this post on a website and followed his instructions. It worked. Have no idead why. http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...005070106265387 J.
  3. jhogarty

    10.4.5 Did Not Break My Computer

    Well I've encountered my first problem after an update. Just prior to restarting my PowerMac, my Logitech USB headset, plugged into the front USB port, was working fine. After the reboot I cannot get that port to work. If I plug in to one of the USB ports on my 23" ACD, the sound works fine. Ugh! J. [Edit] Update: Just for grins and giggles, I plugged my Nikon D70 into the front USB port on my box and it came up fine. So something funky going on with OS X recognizing my Logitech USB headset on that front port.
  4. jhogarty

    Who is the Mac Daddy Switcher?

    Good stuff. My Dual 2.5 and 23" I got refurbed. Same for the eMac for my brother. The iMac, Mini and MacBook Pro are all new. Can't wait for the MBP to arrive. I'm probably one of the very few who actually like the new name - MacBook Pro. Any more crazy switchers out there (besides me)? J...
  5. I am curious to know if there are others like me that have taken the plunge and decided to make a major switch. I'm not talking about adding a Mac Mini or iBook to my personal inventory. I'm talking about replacing ones core Windows based computers (hardware/software) with a Mac (or Macs). Starting back on the Tiger launch, up through today (2/2/06) I have "switched" as follows: 1. Replaced Kids home grown Windows XP box with a 20" iMac 2. Replaced my home grown video/graphics workstation with a dual 2.5GHz PowerMac w/ 23" ACD. Old computer had twin Dell 18" displays. 3. Replaced my brothers HP Windows box with an eMac 4. Replaced my Dell SUSE Linux server with a Mac Mini and one of those Airport Express units where you can hook up a USB printer. 5. Have on order a MacBook Pro to replace my Dell Inspirion 8200. As far as major software changes, I am now using Newtek's Lightwave on the Mac instead of PC. Luckily no cost there. I've put aside my Newtek Toaster and now use the Final Cut Studio suite. Replaced my Adobe Photoshop 7 via the Adobe CS Suite for Mac. Also grabbed Aperature to enhance my photo tools. Oh, also had to get Office for the Mac to be compatible with friends/co-workers. Replaced Nero CD-Burner for Windows with Toast for the Mac. Also picked up a few other programs here and there but nothing major. I'd like to replace my dad's laptop, a Sony Viao, (old, old one) with an iBook. But my laptop needs out weigh his right now. :-) Love to hear similar stories. J.
  6. jhogarty

    New iMacs and MacBooks - Good and Bad

    I ordered the 1.83GHz model, with the USB modem. Still need a modem from time to time. Can post my findings once the bugger gets in and I have a few hours to torture it. J.
  7. jhogarty


    I just downloaded and viewed the MacCast VidBit. AWESOME! I hope you have many more of these VidBits. I am now even that more wanting to get the new iPod (5th gen). Even though I just bought a 4th gen two months ago. :-) J. EDIT: Dang I posted in wrong section I think. My apologies. Can move or delete if you need. Thanks!
  8. jhogarty

    Map Shares on Login

    I posted a similar post on MacNN but thought I'd share here too in case MacCast listeners/readers don't visit that site, or it gets lost somehow. Wasn't sure if Adam is ok with cross linking so here is the copy from what I posted. Thanks. One thing I had some trouble with, coming from the Windows world, was mapping network drives. In Windows, for my Home network, I created batch files and launched them on startup if needed. Some versions of Windows would remember my network connections. Anyways, I wanted the same thing for my Macs, so this is what I came up with. Now there might be a better faster way, but here is how I did it: 1. Created two Alias' for my two desired Samba Shares: a. LINUX_DATA b. USERS 2. Add those two items to your Login Items under System Preferences. System Preferences: Accounts: {select_desired_login-account}: Login Items Click on the + button Select your Alias for your first share (ie. LINUX_DATA) Repeat for each share (ie. USERS in my case) Now looking back, I think I could have just mounted the two shares through the finder and added them that way instead of making the alias'. Logout and back in and it should mount your shares. Problem I had was now I also had two finder windows up. I like starting with a clean desktop. 3. Ok, now to clean up those windows. Launch Applescript (Applications:AppleScript:Script Editor) Copy and Paste the syntax below, replacing the Share Names that I have with the ones you want to use: tell application "Finder" close window "LINUX_DATA" close window "USERS" end tell Again, remember to swap out my LINUX_DATA and USERS share names with yours. Choose File:Save As. Give it a neat name, and choose Application as the type. I saved mine in the Applications:Utilities area. This way anyone who uses the computer can add this to their Login Items. 4. Go back to System Preferences:Accounts:{select_desired_login-account}: Login Items and add your new application to the list. 5. Logout and back in. If we did it right, your two shares should mount and the windows for those shares should close. Hope this helps. Been meaning to find/make a solution like this for myself for a while. Finally got around to it. If there is a better way to do this, I would love to know. This is a work around/solution that I tinkered with and it does what I want. Thanks for reading, J.
  9. jhogarty

    Leo's interview

    I'll have to Tivo it. I'm at work during the 11am scheduled showing. J.
  10. jhogarty

    Enhaced Podcast iPod Crash Workaround

    Sweet! I'll give this a try. This issue has been real annoying. Happens alot on my new color iPod. I don't recall it happening on my gen 3 iPod. J.
  11. jhogarty

    Leo's interview

    Downloading the Mac Cast with Leo now. Man I'm excited! Leo is one of my favorite people of Technology. Really wish they would bring back the old Screensavers/Call for Help. I miss those days. J.
  12. jhogarty

    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Kewl, you saved me from having to ask. :-) BTW, the MacCast is one of the best sounding podcasts I've encountered. J.
  13. jhogarty

    Missing Raindrop Effect

    Well I'm feeling stupid now. I checked my Mac(s) at lunch and opened widgets that were not currently displayed. BANG, ripple/raindrop effect. I could swear it used to do that when launching Dashboard. Anyways, apologies. And thanks for all those who offered assistance to this Mac newb. J.
  14. jhogarty

    Missing Raindrop Effect

    I did the repair permissions and deleted that plist file. Actually had some things needing repair as far as permissions go. Still not seeing the effect. I will add a Widget this evening and see what happens. Thanks, J.
  15. jhogarty

    Missing Raindrop Effect

    Yup, I know for sure both used to do it. I have the 2.0Ghz 20" iMac that came out the week after Tiger and a dual 2.5 PowerMac. J.