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  1. chucklehman

    Twitter Searches

    I can not find myself in any Twitter Searches. Those following my Tweets can see my tweets. If someone ReTweets me I show up in the searches but not as the author. I have checked my settings and confirmed that I don't have any limitations on protecting my updates. I have sent various requests to Twitter but have not heard back. Has anyone had this same problem? @chucklehman Thanks, Chuck
  2. chucklehman

    iCal Archive Years

    Is there a way to archive a given year as a calendar in iCal to reduce the size of the current iCal file? I need to reduce the size of my current iCal which includes multiple years. Thanks for your help.
  3. chucklehman

    Lost my Network Printing

    Just a note of thanks. By doing a complete removal of HP printing sw on the iBook and a fresh reinstall everything is back to normal. Thanks for your help.
  4. chucklehman

    Lost my Network Printing

    Yes, I have done that and it is working. I am going to try to uninstall the HP software completely and then reinstall.
  5. chucklehman

    Lost my Network Printing

    I will try that this week. Thanks.
  6. chucklehman

    Lost my Network Printing

    Thanks... I do have a wireless router (Belkin) that has been functioning fine.
  7. chucklehman

    Lost my Network Printing

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that later this week. Yes, printing from the iBook is fine. Upgrading to 10.5 is questionable since the iBook is a G3... a great excuse however to replace with a new MacBook!!!
  8. chucklehman

    Lost my Network Printing

    Thanks for your response. It is a HP DJ PSC 1610 printer running version 9.7 print driver set (updated 10/07). Thanks for your help.
  9. chucklehman

    Lost my Network Printing

    Yes, I have updated the print drivers. Does the error code tell you anything?
  10. chucklehman

    Lost my Network Printing

    At home I have a iBook running 10.4x attached to a USB HP printer with print sharing enabled. Prior to upgrading to 10.5.x on both my G4 Powerbook and my Intel iMac I could do network printing from my iMac and PB. Ever since the upgrade to 10.5 every time I try to print from one of those machines it quicks the application and gives me a error message..."The application quit unexpectedly. The problem may have been caused by the hp_aio_print2_pde plug-in." I tried looking for the plug in but can't find it. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks.
  11. chucklehman

    Sluggish PowerBook Trackpad

    Greetings! I have had my 12" G4 Powerbook recently repaired by Apple (Logic Board replacement) and now my response time in use of my trackpad is extremely slow. It is almost like you have to warm it up by moving your finger across it several times before it comes back to close to normal response. Using a mouse there is no problem. Is there a track pad preference file that I could remove to have it reset itself? Thanks for your help. Chuck
  12. chucklehman

    Printer Setup -- Adding printers

    Thanks... I tried that also with no luck.
  13. chucklehman

    Printer Setup -- Adding printers

    I have done that and the problem still exists. I guess I will just archive and install OSX. Thanks for your suggestion.
  14. chucklehman

    Printer Setup -- Adding printers

    I had to have my logic board replaced in my 12" G4 Powerbook. I restored my hard drive content (from Retrospect) and all seem to work fine. Programs and files are where they were as per the last backup. But now none of my printers are recognized. I can have them appear in the Printer Browser window but when I try to ADD them an error message comes up... "An error occurred while trying to add the selected printer. server-error-service-unavailable." I have run both TechTools Pro, and DiskWarrior and have restored permissions and zapped the PRAM. The problem occurs with both USB printers on AppleTalk and on our network printers at the office. I have also... 1. Launch Printer Setup Utility and reselect the printers. 2. Try Printer Setup Repair and ran its utility routines and the problem still exists. Can you provide some advise? Thanks. I don't want to archive and install OSX if I don't have to.
  15. chucklehman

    Disappearing Extra Menu items from Menu Bar

    It included Norton Anitivirus, Stuffit, the Airport, Bluetooth, battery, date/time and even Spotlight... everything on the right hand side of the menu. I will still try the Finder Prefs if I run into the problem again by moving back some of the files from the archive set. Thanks for your help. Chuck