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  1. wheels

    loud fan on mac book air

    I don't like the fan control idea. I figure the fan is running high for a reason. I found something interesting that I want to share. When you look at the cpu use on Safari you can see that it takes a lot of umph. Plus if your safari is on a site that uses flash, it takes even more umph. That umph adds heat. You never notice it on a laptop or a desktop because you have a lot of extra power. But the macbook air was designed to be portable and probably something to just write reports. So I installed chrome just for giggles and looked at the processor use. Sure enough, its a lot less. Even when it's on a site with flash it still uses a lot less cpu.
  2. wheels

    Apple TV Hardwire Question

    LOL #5. Ok I am going to steal that when I write instructions..
  3. wheels

    Mac Mini Hard Drive

    I think you should build your nas thingie and do auto backups. While the data on the mini is not that uber important, your time sure is. When it comes to sound on the drive, is it possible to use an ssd? Depending on the amount of work your pumping in this mini - it might be a nice quite option.
  4. wheels

    loud fan on mac book air

    So far I have dimmed the display, and I only run 1 app at a time. It has not been making too much noise lately. I just purchased this from e-bay and things seem to be working out just fine. I still need to put the mba through some regular use and watch a couple videos. We shall see what happens. For giggles I have wiped the drive using rm -rf / then reinstalled the os and patches. During that time the fan blazed a lot. I have a feeling that the drive will heat up the mac as well as the cpu. The mba should be pretty cool for school. I don't intend to do a bunch of windows stuff on it.
  5. wheels

    loud fan on mac book air

    NO JOY.. Air / made sure nothing is blocking the air flow / looking for a software patch - still nothing. The macbook air should not be noisy. Apparently this is an issue with these computers. I don't like it. Reminds me of an old 386 pc. grrrrr
  6. wheels

    loud fan on mac book air

    I have an old school mac book air. (2008?) The fan is very loud.This little mac gets hot quick and then the fan kicks in and works to cool the mac down. Does anyone know of a solution to this? I have been searching around the web and found a patch but the results about how well it fixed anything is varied. Thanks for your help.
  7. I rented a movie on my itunes account and downloaded the movie to my mac pro. I use this as my home server and I store a lot of movies on this machine. But I decided to try a rental. But I am not able to see the rental movie from my apple tv. I have no problem seeing all my other movies. But I just can't see the rental. Does anyone know how to resolve this?
  8. wheels

    terminal app in ipad

    I am taking a unix class next semester and i want to use my ipad as a laptop. The course is just going to be some basic unix stuff so I don't need lots os cpu. I am looking for a terminal app that I can install on my ipad and it will enable me to access the operating system. I don't want to jailbrake the ipad. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. Does anyone know how to make their scroll bars thicker? I need more room to click on the scroll bar. I know I can increase the text size and zoom in and out. But I want to get the scroll bars thicker.
  10. I have a mac pro with two super drives. The thing is the drives are super fast. There are a lot of times that I try to eject the dvd only to watch the darn thing pop out my dvd and close the darn thing up again. This looses it's humor after about 4 tries to get a drive out. Or i will put a drive in, and the darn dvd closes before I can get the dvd to lay flat. Consequently it tries to close the drive with the dvd sticking out at an angle. Is there a way I can change how fast the darn thing closes? I think it should close after I am ready for it to close. Not when it's ready.
  11. wheels

    mount command

    I am looking for the mount command for tiger. I have an external usb for a mac mini. For some reason the mac could not recognize the external drive. Mac is so automatic that there is very little on the net to find the mount command to get the device to connect to the os. Does anyone know what the command is? I am looking for something that would be executed from the terminal. Thanks for your help.
  12. wheels

    Rechargeable magic mouse?

    Does anyone know if the magic mouse is rechargeable?
  13. Thank you - that was a big help. I thought default was "go to the default setting", instead of "set this as default"
  14. I want to change the background color and the text color on my terminal. I noticed there is a preferences on the terminal and I keep changing it in hopes that it will change my color / style. No Joy. Anyone know how to make this work? Thanks for your help.
  15. wheels

    Games on Mac

    During the last show, you mentioned that you were thinking about reviewing games on the mac. I just want you to know that I think that's a great idea. Computer games taught me a lot about computers. (at least about windows) I learned how to upgrade my hardware to play the latest game. In turn this taught me about how the computers actually worked. I am not sure if this is a money looser for computer companies. But I sure wish there were more and better games to play on the mac. I purchased command and conquer and the performance is horrible. Also the game is pretty buggy. There are no patches for the game and I have pretty much given up playing it. Now that snow leopard is 64 bit, I wonder if we will see games that are made specifically for 64 bit machines?