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  1. Hi All, My new MBP is quite the machine, but I have noticed something interesting that I did not notice on my pre unibody MBP. I have a windows game that I run via wineskin and I have noticed that first, the computer heats up A LOT and doesn't just heat up, it heats up REALLY FAST. As it stands I am running it on a laptop pad with a cooling fan and a small fan blowing over the computer and I I can feel a considerable amount of heat whenever my hands are near the keyboard. The reason I find this interesting, is that my old MBP- a C2D, 2.4 GHz 15" w/ 256 mb vid card ran the same program and would heat up, but no where near as much. Not only that, but the computer has a tendancy to start tapping into the battery while plugging in while using this same program. If I am on for more than a half hour or so the charger indicator will suddenly switch from green to orange, and it will continue to drain until I either shut down the program or the computer heats up to a point where the entire system freezes. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks, Brian
  2. darkwolf

    MacBook pro display issues; I'm stumped

    I actually prefer the 15" screen, and need the extra power of the dedicated graphics card right now. The macbook air is a wonderful travel computer and is very mobil, but I have a last gen macbook for when portability is a concern and that is close enough to a macbook air for me. Especially when I need to burn DVDs. The MBP in question didn't want to cooperate and I am actually typing this on a MBP 15" 2.2 ghz i7 I just bought.
  3. darkwolf

    MacBook pro display issues; I'm stumped

    No Applecare. :-( Oh well. I have a lead on a current gen MBP that's been used twice for $1700. Maybe that will work out better for me. It's new enough that I can get applecare for it. :-)
  4. darkwolf

    MacBook pro display issues; I'm stumped

    Yeah, tried the brightness button. :-(. Sounds like this guy's problem was the motherboard. I had hoped to identify that before I started all this by having the hardware scanned. :-(
  5. I am working on my MBP unibody, 2009 model (with pc express card slot). 2.66 ghz C2D, 4 gigs of ram, 512meg 9600gt gpu. The back light refuses to light up. First thing I did was take it to an apple store to run a hardware test on it. I would have done it myself, but I don't have the restore disks for it and the drive has been recormatted prior to me buying, So the hardware test is not on the computer anymore. Test came back with no red flags so I replaced the LCD to no avail. So then I tried a new LVDS cable, no joy. So I tried combinations of the old lvds and new one and old display with new one- still no luck. So now I am stuck and not sure what to try next to try to get this display to light up. The displays will work, an image will come up, just with no backlight leaving it practically impossible to read unless I shine a flashlight on it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian
  6. darkwolf

    Anyone have experience with WINE?

    That's not exactly what happened. It was Citrix for the Mac that I came across with someone else's help and it worked like a charm. the problem was that my IT guys told me there was no mac version, and I didn't know any better until someone came a long and corrected me.
  7. darkwolf

    Anyone have experience with WINE?

    Well, I'm not sure if you're interested in my progress, but here goes anyways. Thanks husker, I checked out crossover, and loaded it on my laptop. I loaded one of my favorite PC games on it, but unfortunately it doesn't work, at least not yet. I'll fiddle with it a bit as I have time to see if I can make it work. I'm a bit curious as to why there are sever files and directories I was expecting to find under it's Crossover folder, but aren't there. Meanwhile, i came to find out that the client SW I needed to log into remote apps for work actually IS available for the mac, and my IT guys have been lying about it for the last 2 and a half years. So, that was cool, getting logged onto the work servers from my Mac for the first time. Thanks for the help Husker; I'll try to put my trial version to good use.
  8. darkwolf

    Mapping Excel Data

    If you have a google account (like for gmail) you can actually save your own maps in google maps. They are all publicly accessible, AFAIK, but you can decide whether it is publicly displayed in the catalog with other maps. I set one up that mapped out all of the hospitals in my state. The more you add to the map, though, the slower the map sees to respond, so guess you get what you pay for.
  9. darkwolf

    Anyone have experience with WINE?

    Well, my MBP is a 2.4 Ghz model, so I'll assume it will run parallels/fusion fine. My PC Software uses are fairly limited, so I will look into the WINE alternatives first so that I can hopefully avoid putting Winblows on my mac.
  10. darkwolf

    Anyone have experience with WINE?

    I'm not really an avid gamer, the few gams I would install are a few years old. More importantly, though, would be to be able to log into my remote apps for work, which relies on .exe format files. I know little about crossover. With parallels or bootcamp, it's my understanding that any viruses or whatnot would be limited to whatever partition you have your windows system on, leaving the mac side safe, would crossover or WINE make this kind of reasoning invalid? WOuld mind sharing what problems specifically you had with crossover?
  11. I've been looking at options to run windows programs on my MacBook Pro, namely a few games I have dating back a few years and remote applications for work. up till now I've been debating bootcamp vs parallels/fusion and Vista vs XP. I hadn't really considered WINE, because I haven't read any raving reviews about it. I had just about set on a decision, when I came across someone who was able to run one of the games I would like on their intel mac using WINE, which suddenly has me reconsidering. Has anyone had any luck with WINE? Any problems people have had trying to run anything with it?
  12. darkwolf

    New Laptops (MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air)

    I found this on the processors in the MB/MBP: http://www.macrumors.com/2008/10/15/intel-...evina-benefits/ http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-10065878...g=2547-1_3-0-20 Apparently, they should provide a little more processing punch, not sure how much though. I asked about the lack of firewire at the apple store, and was disappointed to get a "well, we don't know" answer regarding this issue. The rep i spoke to told me that they will received training on these new laptops next week, but as of right now, don't know much. I would like to think that there is a reasonable solution for those of use that still need firewire 400 but can't pony up for a MBP, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, there is always the refurbs and closeouts on the old models...
  13. darkwolf

    New Macbook processors?

    I'm really torn on these new laptops. I waited the entire summer to see what they came up with, and while some of the features sound pretty cool, by all appearances, it seems they've gone with the same or slower processors as the last models, and dumped firewire for the macbooks. Seriously, how am I supposed to work with my video camera now? And you're right, the frontside bus may change the processing power, but that leaves me waiting for real world tests to compare this model with last model. In the mean time, I'm sure that the close outs on macbooks and mac book pros will disappear in a very short time. These new laptops should have been a slam dunk in terms of buy or not buy, but all I'm left with are questions.
  14. darkwolf

    New Macbook processors?

    I'm having trouble finding the specific processors used in the new macbooks. I've found one source that says the new macbooks are still using penryn processors instead of the newer nehalem processors, meaning the entry level new model is actually slower than it's predecessor in the processor department. I haven't found anything saying one thing or another about the processors in the Macbook Pros. Does anyone know better than me?
  15. Hi all, A friend's sister is unable to connect to the internet via her satellite internet connection. I've troubleshot internet connection issues before, but I have never used satellite at all, so I feel like I'm a bit over my head trying to help out. If anyone has some knowledge in this area, the original question is stated below. Any insight or help on this issue would be greatly appreciated (she's a new mac convert and is teetering on turning the machine back in to Apple and going back to the dark side. ;-) ). Thanks, Brian "my sister bought an Apple IMAC, imac8.1, with OSx Leopard Edition.. Leopard 10.5.4 She also got Satellite for internet with Dial-up as a back-up.. Satellite company : wildblue salellite Satellite company says she is online, however she can not connect via satellite.. she can't see any site.. Her Satellite company does not know the OS and she has tried Peak 8 support and they walked her through a setup for the service, however it did not help. They installed a box for her satellite.. though I do not know if it has a built in router.. She wants to know if anyone here has had a similar experience and if so how can she get online with the Satellite? DSL and Cable where she lives is not an option and she is tired of viewing the web at 48K dial up."