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  1. JohnnySalon17

    Sherlock Issues

    Hi Everyone! I have been having some issues with Sherlock in Tiger and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I load Sherlock and it seems like none of my channels load. I tried to delete the prefenence file but it doesn't do anything. Sherlock seems to not be working for a long time now. Any help? Thanks Dave
  2. JohnnySalon17

    Delicious Library

    Hey everybody! I was wondering if anyone here uses the program Delicious Library by Delicious Monster. I have been having issues with the program even though I am a registered user. It seems to unexpedectly quit a lot and it will load the same checkouts to each user everytime I load the program. I am running 10.4.2- please let me know if you any solutuons. Thanks Dave :-)
  3. JohnnySalon17

    Sound Check: Does it really work?

    Yep- that is sort of what I thought- Thanks though :-)
  4. Hi Everyone! I love using Macs and have been for years but I am curious about a specific function in iTunes called Sound Check. I have been experimenting with it and I wonder, does it really work? My songs still seem either too loud or too soft, and songs that sounded decent before the application of sound check now sound tinny or lacking the full sound they had previously. Please let me know what you all think. Also, are there any easy alternatives. Thanks Dave :-)
  5. JohnnySalon17

    apples 2 button scroller!

    Hi everyone! I just ordered mine today and I am really excited. I normally wouldn't spend so much ($44 for the educational pricing), but I thought it looked cool so I decided to go for it. Love cool stuff from Apple :-)