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  1. switcher98223

    component video switcher and AppleTV

    I've been reading and working on this and I think a reply here has pointed us to the answer, and the answer is, it won't work. It appears that the AppleTV maintains a power level even when it is "off" This may be to keep the iTunes "most viewed" etc listings updated as well as YouTube inforation and auto syncing. Similarly, my cable Box, DVR, is "on" even when it is powered "off." Of course this is true so it can record programs when I'm gone and keep the program guide updated (and perhaps other functions). In otherwords, I don't think either is ever really off. So, does that create a signal that interferes with the switcher's ability to detect that active appliance? I don't know, it would seem that the information is different then the SIGNAL that is being sent to the tv, but who knows? I have returned this device and will go with something that is manual or operated via simple remote.
  2. switcher98223

    component video switcher and AppleTV

    I tried the test. I get "black" with AppleTV off, but I also get black with the cable box "off". It is Blue when DVD player is off and another input that has nothing connected. Your theory may be correct, but it appears the cable box also bleeds a signal. I think I'm giving up on the Philips auto switch.
  3. switcher98223

    component video switcher and AppleTV

    Yes, it is a Misubishi. I will try to check the other idea.
  4. switcher98223

    component video switcher and AppleTV

    I'm a new AppleTV purchaser. My "old" big screen tv has no HDMI port and three component vid inputs, only one will play HD content while the other 2 are stuck at 480i/p. I want to attach my AppleTV and CableBox/DVR to the one component input that plays HD content. I purchased a Philips component video switcher that accepts 4 component inputs and outputs to one good connection. The unit is supposed to automatically switch to the video source providing a stream. I couldn't get it to work. I can manually switch from one to the other, but can't get the auto switch function to work (I tested by turning the apple tv and dvr on/off) Has anyone else come across this issue (trying to split the component video input), what solutions did your arrive at to make it work?
  5. switcher98223

    iMovie hangs moving rejected clips to trash

    I have the just prior generation of "white" iMac a 20" iMac core2duo, 2.16 Ghz with 2GB ram.
  6. switcher98223

    iMovie hangs moving rejected clips to trash

    I think I have discovered that answer to this on my own. I will post this for anyone else having this trouble. I did see the problem elsewhere, but no answers. Apparently the solution to the issue is TIME. I was reading different posts on line and didn’t see anything on point, but somebody mentioned that iMovie takes a lot of time to do some tasks and that sometimes it says the program is not responding, when in fact, it is working. As I said, this was not on point, but what did I have to lose? So I made a copy of a file, just in case, and proceeded to try the process. I rejected a selected clip, and directed iMovie to move the rejected clip to trash. As usual, the progress bar quickly goes about half way and stops. It sits there showing no progress. A right click on the dock icon reports the program is “not responding” and gives “Force Quit” as an option. I look in iStatpro and see that my CPU is not being taxed and memory is not being used excessively. In other words, it looks like the system is operating properly. So I resist the temptation to “force quit” as I have in the past and I just WAIT. About 15 minutes pass and the process completes, the clip is in the trash and I can continue to work with the event in iMovie. I tried this a couple more times, same result. So, apparently the program is not hanging, it is just reporting that it is not responding while it does the heavy lifting of removing the clip from the file and rerendering (?) the file. Not sure of the guts of this, but I think I sort of understand why it would take a while. The issue really is the way iMovie reports, or fails to report its progress accurately. If you don’t wait and you force quit, you lose the file. That is not good.
  7. I have imported several files from VHS to DV and they go into iMovie fine. The clips show up as Events in iMovie. I’m using an external drive to store my files. The problem I’m having, and it is a big problem, occurs as follows: I select parts of a clip to “Reject” I go to see the rejected clips and try to “Move Rejected Clips to Trash” When I do this, iMovie hangs and I must Force Quit. After I relaunch iMovie, the clip does not play from iMovie. I can go to finder and see the clip in a temp file and move it back in, but this is a big problem. I would say that the issue is the way the file is imported, or the format, or something, but I was able to accomplish this task ONCE. I imported a long VHS tape and it all went in as one event. I wanted to split the event, but needed to create seperate clips before I could do this. I marked the areas that I wanted to split the clip as “rejected” and then moved the rejected clips to trash. I was then able to split the event at the individual clips I had just created. This worked fine. Then, when I tried to do it to other events, I ran into the hanging problem.
  8. switcher98223

    change "created" date of video files?

    I'm still stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. switcher98223

    change "created" date of video files?

    Does this need to be done from an admin account perhaps?
  10. switcher98223

    change "created" date of video files?

    I think I may have completed the command in the terminal. But I'm not seeing a change in the date created. When I "get info" it still shows the 2007 date. the modified date shows the current date and time, as if my modification is there. I also see no change in iMovie. How do I confirm this changed the "created" date?
  11. switcher98223

    change "created" date of video files?

    I have used zeros for the time question: do you use double digits for everything? for instance if the month is April, is that 4 or 04?
  12. switcher98223

    change "created" date of video files?

    Thank you. This is a great learning experience for me, as I'm new to Mac and haven't used the terminal (but I understand a bit about it) I have been trying this but without success. After I input the information I get an error "out of range or illegal time specification:" I assume I'm typing something wrong. I'm trying to get the date April 10, 1999 with no specified time.
  13. switcher98223

    change "created" date of video files?

    I am transferring VHS analog to DV format using a bridge and iMovie 08. The process works just fine, but the "created date" and therefore events filing, is based on the import dates (2007). I would like to organize the files by their actual film date, but I can find no way to change the "created on" date. Any ideas on how to change this data?
  14. switcher98223

    Video Archive project

    I have a project in mind, but having some trouble deciding how to do it and what software I may need. I will try to be brief, but any help is greatly appreciated. I have many old VHS tapes of family, vacations, etc. I have a Dazzle DV Bridge that transfers VHS content via firewire to my Mac. I have done this using iMovie)08. Each import creates a new event. I can edit the event into a project and have successfully burned DVDs of the project using iDVD. So, one step in the overall project I'm good with, I know how to get events imported and how to edit and make a final project. My problem is more broad. And I will try to break up some of the elements I need: 1) is there a way of just transferring the raw, unedited event to a DVD for archive? In other words, I want to move the raw footage from the VHS to DVD for archive and storage. I would want to be able to get the footage off the DVD later for possible editing. 2) I would like to catalog the footage that I have for future use. I have looked at the programs iDive and FootTrack, but I don't know if these will work for me. And how the compression might work. Here is the workflow that I'm imagining, maybe someone can help me make it a reality. I transfer the raw VHS footage into iMovie (creation of DV footage from Analog), import that into catalog program for tagging and organization into a library that has clips etc., compress the footage for the library to save space on the hard drive, move the uncompress original DV material to a DVD for storage. In the future, I look at the library and find the footage I want for a project, I get the archived DVD and import the footage from there for editing, etc. Is this possible????
  15. switcher98223

    iphoto 08 & iweb 08

    It would be nice if Apple let you do this with "events" and not be forced to create a matching dedicated album.