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    Great site

    I just reciently found www.talkshoe.com and love it. Adam does a great show on there as well as some other mac users. I'm even starting my own talkcast too. So if you havent heard of talkshoe check it out. JasonMac http://www.macbookpodcast.com
  2. jasonmac

    The Macbook Podcast

    Everyone please check out and subscribe to The Macbook Podcast I do weekly podcasts about macbooks and other Apple stuff. I present solutions, tips, news, and free files to help your macbooking go smoother. Heres the promo for the podcast---> promo Thanks, Jason Whitener http://www.macbookpodcast.com
  3. jasonmac

    My switch

    I switched from 12 years of windows to the mac world about 3 months ago and have never looked back. I got sick of windows crashing, getting virus, booting and running slow, and other reasons. I bought a powermac G3 blue&white to see if I would like the mac world before spending too much money. After running the G3 I feel in love with OSX and bought a macbook C2D from the apple store. I got into the macbook so much that I created my first podcast and I'm craming as much info about macs into my head as fast as possible so I can help others who just switched or are looking at switching. So thanks Apple for all you do and for making the best OS ever. JasonMac http://www.macbookpodcast.com