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  1. doug kessler

    Mac G5 slowdowns -- getting worse -- help!

    Not sure what an open widget is. I do have a few basic widgets, but I had a lot more before the problem started. Now I just use a calendar, a clock, a sticky and a thesaurus/dictionary. I rarely use the dashboard so these are usually dormant. DK
  2. doug kessler

    Mac G5 slowdowns -- getting worse -- help!

    I'll try the cache thing. I did loook at Activity Monitor and saw nothing weird -- even during one of my interminable Save As waiting times. What's the console?
  3. doug kessler

    Mac G5 slowdowns -- getting worse -- help!

    Nope. Not running anti-virus. I used Norton a/v to scan my drive and it came up clean. I don't use it otherwise.
  4. My Mac G5 (dual 1.8 Ghz; 1Gb RAM) suddenly became REALLY slow, especially doing three specific operations: -- Doing a Save As in Word. This can take 30 seconds of the spinning ball before even getting the dialogue box. Used to be instant. -- Downloading web pages. My broadband is fast. But pages take 15-30 seconds to download. Used to be instant. -- Ataching a file to an email -- Can take 30 seconds. Things I've tried: -- disk repair -- permissions repair -- zapping PRAM -- anti-virus scan -- uninstalling Quicksilver -- putting iDisk Sync to Manual -- adding 512Gb RAM (now 1Gb) I'm getting desperate. No clue what to do next. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.
  5. doug kessler

    G5 slowdowns

    Recently my G5 (dual 1.6 Ghz) gets really slow. usually while doing a Save As in, saym Word. Or adding an attachment in Entourage. Quicksilver is installed. Could it be that? Or can anyone recommend performance-related hiousekeeping I shoukld be doing? I want my fast Mac back! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  6. doug kessler

    Downloading new podcast episodes

    Thanks Chiff, wndowsguy and car1son. The problem is only with auto-updates. My settings are set to check every hour. Preferences look cool. No exclamation marks... Yesterday, I watched the time stated as the next update. No attempt to update was made and the time to next update moved forward an hour. Weird because I know there have been posts since I last updated. I did upgrade to Tiger since subscribing to these podcasts. Maybe I'll try re-subscribing...
  7. For some reason, my iTunes has stopped updating the podcasts I'm subscribed to (including MacCast). Any thoughts about why this is happening and how to fix it?