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  1. chiff

    How dead is a dead hard-drive?

    What he said
  2. I have two iMacs here - a G5 iSight 17" and an intel early 2006 17". The G5 has a logic board fault and the intel is developing vertical hairlines (a fault with the LCD panel unit), so it seemed sensible to swap the two screens and have one intel iMac with no faults and one G5 iMac doorstop. Opened them both up, removed LCD panels from both, connectors and fixing points are the same so it looks like this is going to work - they both appeared to be the same panel down to the model no. But when i tried powering up the intel, it just wouldn't do anything. Disconnect the screen and it powers up fine. So I've put them back the way they were. Thought this would interest anyone who was thinking of doing the same thing. Also interested if any Übergeeks out there know the reason why the G5 panel wont allow the intel iMac to power up?
  3. I have a G5 2.3DP here that refuses to startup. You get a startup chime, then the dark grey apple on light grey background and nothing more - no indeterminate progress indicator (spinning wheel) or anything. This is true for trying to start it from the internal drive, install DVD or even external FW drives so implies a hardware problem. It will start up into the Hardware Test on the original install DVD, but running the test (even on extended) reveals no problems. I have also changed the PRAM battery just in case. Also, starting in verbose mode reveals it doesn't get past 'DART Enabled', whereas another G5 starting in verbose mode goes on to deal with the firewire ports. And what is DART anyway? Any thoughts/suggestions most welcome
  4. I have a client with a HD that has failed and needs data recovering from it. The problem is severe enough to warrant a data recovery specialist, and although the data is very important to her, cost is still an important consideration. Does anyone have any recommendations (or horror stories) that they'd like to share? All comments welcome Thanks Chris ps - please no replies suggesting any software solutions, they have all been tried
  5. It KP'd while running CCC from a utility DVD, but then I tried SuperDuper on it in target mode and it completed. Have now zeroed the drive and am restoring the disk image to it. We will see......
  6. Got a PBG4 here that's become prone to kernel panics. I've used TechTool Pro to check all the hardware (including RAM) and the only problem reported is a bad sector on the hard drive - could the two be related? The KPs have happened during software update (download stage), during a combo update, during a reinstallation of 10.5 and even when running from a DVD (but still using the HD, trying to clone it). Basically, is it worth me going through the whole long process of fixing the HD problem if there's no chance it will make any difference to the kernel panics?
  7. chiff

    Powerbook 17" - no sound, audio dead

    Checked, but it made no difference.
  8. chiff

    Powerbook 17" - no sound, audio dead

    first place i looked
  9. Got a 1.33GHz 17" PBG4 running 10.4 which now has no sound from the speakers and no sound from the headphone port. There is nothing stuck inside the headphone port, I've tried PRAM and PMU resets and even tried starting up the mac with no RAM (there should be 3 beeps) but can't coax any sound out of it at all. It appears to be working fine in all other respects (well, the trackpad is a bit jumpy) but the sound is extremely important as the PB is going to be used by someone spending a month in hospital and they intend to use it for watching movies to help pass the time. Looked inside and the speaker connection on the board is sound (no pun). Which part of the board deals with sound? If anyone can shed any light on the problem I would be extremely grateful, as would the owner of the powerbook.
  10. I have a client running OS X Server 10.3 as an office file server, principally using AFP. I replaced a drive recently and set it up as a share point. Everyone can access it and write to it, but no-one can open anyone else's files with write privs. How can I adjust it so that everyone has read/write privileges on everyone else's files?
  11. Ah - not what I was expecting. What I'd really be interested in is how do you modify an OS X install disk so you end up with an installer that carries an updated version of the OS, so a DVD installer for 10.4.11 or 10.5.4?
  12. how about 10.5.4? how does one slipstream?
  13. chiff

    HTML email templates - how?

    the problem i have with Leopard's Mail templates is that any mail that uses them looks great - so long as it's read with Leopard Mail. I tried sending something to a mac running Entourage (not even a PC, mind you) and it was all over the place. The same as when you send a page from safari. Yet Entourage is fine at receiving HTML email normally, as are most PC mail clients. So how come there appears to be no Mac solution for sending the stufff - is there an inherent problem in Mac OS X that means to do it I'd have to get hold of a windows app? Is anyone out there already sending HTML email, and if so - how do YOU do it?
  14. And what's the problem with trying something simply to see if it can be done? Really Graham, where's your sense of adventure?? Seriously though, there are good reasons for doing it this way - chief amongst which is that you can repurpose a mac and deliver it in a state to be used without having to supply a password and information on how to change the password/ user details etc. If a mac is going to a new user, it just makes everything a bit cleaner - plus they get that lovely out-of-the box feeling (to make up for probably not getting that new mac smell). As for secure erase on the drive for ebay machines - absolutely, my friend! 7-way pass every time.
  15. Because then the OS has to be updated. I'm giving a computer to someone and would like them to be able to plug it in and just run the setup assistant like they would if they'd bought a new mac. I've been sent a link that shows how to do this (specifically for leopard): http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...007110800450816 very useful for if you sell macs on eBay as well, I'd suspect.