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  1. Sometimes on a Windows Server at least in the ones I maintain you have to select the "Send all traffic to over VPN Connection". To connect to windows shares (this is largely dependant on server setup) go to "Go > Connect To Server" in Finder, then type 'smb://<server_ip_address>' then enter your domains user name and password, and the will list out all the shared folders that user account has permissions to view.
  2. jackt

    Problem with wifi

    I have found, that in all the most recent Macbook the Airport can be very very picky about apple's own network hardware. Make sure the MBP and Base Station are up-to-date, and that connection robustness is switched off on both.
  3. jackt

    Macbook and Matched pairs

    It is better to have matched pairs for the macbook, somebody told me at an Apple store that you must have matched pairs having done a little research it turns out they were lying to me. I would go with matched pairs, dual core likes it better. Jack
  4. jackt

    WMV Converter

    Flip 4 Mac is about the only thing that is any good in my experience, also bear in mind this will only work for WMV9 not WMV10 there is currently no solution to get WMV10 on a mac (DRMs fault again) Jack
  5. jackt

    Problems with iStat nano Widget

    Try the full blown iStat Widget or the iStat App(I find this more useful than the widget) http://www.islayer.com/index.php However fans will still not show up (not supported yet) Also even though it says you need the speedit kernel extension I don't remember ever installing it. Jack
  6. jackt

    MacCast software

    Great Idea, I don't lack of skill would be problem though, its much more of benefit to be able to put your script online and ask other people 'Do you think thats the right way to go about it?' and 'Way isn't it working?' Its surprising how fast you pick things up this way. Jack
  7. jackt

    iTunes 7

    I have just finished updating to iTunes 7. It looks abit more like a pro app than it did before, the UI is more refined and it just runs and feels much better and video support seems to be far far above that of iTunes 6 only time will tell. jack
  8. jackt

    Song ratings

    I personally very rarely use the ratings feature, i think more than five stars whilst making it more accurate just over complicates it for the purpose, I would find it much easier to put something in the Comment meta data fields like I do know. e.g. When i put favorite into the comment field i have a smart playlist that shows all songs with favorite in the comment field. jack
  9. jackt

    Creative Vision W and Itunes

    Only iPods/Apple Endorsed products will work with the iTunes DRM.
  10. yes thats the problem with the officejet all-in-ones, personally i would get a scanner and a networked printer, but i dont use a scanner that much. The other way would to be share the printer/scanner via a mac. jack
  11. jackt

    Mac OS X 10.4.8

    My macbook double booted, the imac didnt but I havent noticed much difference on the iMac, but on the macbook this thing is flying, everything is more responsive and doesnt do weird things on loading of programs anymore. Jack
  12. jackt

    Apple planning to port more iApps to PC?

    That sounds like it may just be right, makes sense to me anyway.
  13. as far as i am aware the print server in that will only allow printing to not access to the card reader and the scanner. To get that functionality you have to go straight to the top of the officejet line. Although the software in the bundle that comes with it may allow it, i suggest having a quick look over the manual before you buy. Also your better off with wired LAN bluetooth will cause a bottleneck, i have a similar deskjet 6840 connected via LAN and it works perfectly with 2 windows PCs and 3Macs. Jack
  14. jackt

    Apple planning to port more iApps to PC?

    I think its unlikely that Apple will port anything to the windows platform, it makes now business sense, why by a mac when you get that software for windows. Apple still needs to make money on the stuff there good at. I don't think it will be a popular move if it does happen. jack
  15. Sounds like you may have a flaky logic board, or just a dodgy drive causing havoc. I ring Apple or take it to a Apple Store/equivilent. It isn't normal, my iMac G5 doesn't anything like you describe. jack
  16. jackt

    iTunes 7.0.1

    Apple just let iTunes 7.0.1 into the wild, looks like it may fix alot of the issues that have been reported around the web sorry missed earlier post - i really should look more carefully. jack
  17. The Apple Store at the Arndale centre Manchester UK is opening this saturday 30th, This passed me by, i usually pick it up before it drops in my RSS reader from Apple. http://www.apple.com/uk/retail/manchestera...k/20061001.html Jack
  18. jackt

    Any issues with new iMacs?

    well i know its never that simple but you get what i mean jack
  19. jackt

    Any issues with new iMacs?

    There are issues with computers no matter who makes them, you will inevitably get a computer in your lifetime that has something wrong with it. It isn't good for your health to worry about such things, see the thing you want and get it. Jack
  20. jackt

    Comparing Headphones

    i personally love my Bose QC2s there are the best headphones i have ever used, my dad also has a pair of Sennheiser which are also good (cant remember what model they are) jack
  21. jackt

    iTunes 7

    I think while the interface is a drastic change the problem is more that we are used to iTunes in-fact its the only program i have open 100% of the time. I think it is evolution; alot of the changes make sense to me, but there are somethings that don't but it isn't going to hard to get used to them. iTunes 6 was starting to get cluttered but it could do with a bit of a lighten it is slightly dark. jack
  22. jackt

    listen to iPod on my Powerbook

    plug the ipod in and it should pop up in iTunes you can then play anything from the iPod but you cant transfer them to the local machine. i think you need to set it to manual management to get it to work this way. other senuti is your best bet. jack
  23. it could be true, but i dont think there is any difference between the Firewire and USB chargers, except the connectors. jack
  24. jackt

    Quictime Uninstall Error

    make sure in admin, if the problem repeats boot in to safe mode and uninstall the old fashion way from the control panel than reboot login as admin and install. if you are comfortable with regedit delete the registry keys for iTunes and Quicktime and also the files in program files then restart and run the installer again this will make it think it is fresh install, just remember not to delete the itunes files in my music. (dont try it if you arent comfortable windows will die if you do it wrong) also try downloading the installer again you may have a corrupt version of it jack
  25. jackt

    Bugs in iTunes 7 - need help

    its something core image related other than that i aren't sure. i would also re-download and re-install you may have a corrupt download. jack