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  1. shwaggysuerfer

    Superduper email script

    SuperDuper does not have a command line interface but does support running scripts before and after the backup process. I have been looking for an Apple script or an automator action but have yet to find a script that will email the log file via Apple mail.
  2. shwaggysuerfer

    Superduper email script

    Graham - Could you give more details regarding your screenshot method, while not ideal it is a step in the right direction. Thank you so much for your help. Best regards, Shawn
  3. shwaggysuerfer

    Superduper email script

    Hello, I am trying to write/find a script that will email the results using Apple Mail after a backup job completes within Superduper. Currently running on Tiger 10.4.11 and using the current version of Superduper. Thank you for your help.
  4. shwaggysuerfer

    iPhoto reduced all of my photo sizes

    Both the "data" folder and the "originals" inside the iphoto library folder have changed all the pictures to thumbnails between 33 - 60 KB. Is there a way to avoid iphoto from creating thumbnails and keeping my pictures the original file size?
  5. shwaggysuerfer

    iPhoto reduced all of my photo sizes

    Hello, I was looking at my pictures today and noticed that iPhoto 6.0.4 reduced my files from more than 1MB per photo to 33 KB. I have performed spotlight searches and it seems as if all of the pictures were actually changed - even the ones in the originals folder. I have a MBP running 10.4.7 with 2 GB of RAM if that matters at all. Any help would be great! I have most of the pictures backed up but I would like to make sure this does not happen again.
  6. shwaggysuerfer

    Printer for mixed office (Mac and PC)

    I am looking for two printers to place on my network via a print server or if the printers are allready network enabled that would be fine. I would like a laser printer and an inkjet for limited color printing. The main issue is that I would like the printer to work well with my Macs - I have a G4 Powerbook and a Mac Book Pro both running 10.4.6. Thank you so much for any help!
  7. Hello, I have a 3rd generation iPod and need to replace my battery due to low battery life after many charging cycles. I know that there are may options on the net for replacement batteries, could someone offer some advice on the best replacement option. I feel fine replacing the battery myself I just want to know what the best third party battery supplier is for the ipod. Thank you so much! ~shwaggy
  8. Hello, I have switched from a PC to a mac and am in need for some good tutorial/help sites with basic information through advanced topics. I am also looking for other good mac sites to learn more about my new mac. Thank you!
  9. shwaggysuerfer

    Where to find mac print drivers

    Hello - I have two printers that I am trying to install in conjunction with a print server. So far I have not been able to find appropriate Mac drivers. The first printer is a Kyocera Mita KM-2030 The second printer is a Dell AIO 920. I would like a basic driver that would just enable printing - I do not care about any of the scanning functionality. Thank you for your help! Best regards, Shawn
  10. shwaggysuerfer

    Help with folder permissions

    I have unlocked symbol displayed. Both the access box under the owner and the box titled others (circled in your post) are grey and will not let me change the settings from read only.
  11. shwaggysuerfer

    MS office install under Tiger

    Microsoft office install on Tiger I have just purchased a new Mac and I wanted to install Microsoft office which I purchased. I am a switching PC user and was not sure about the installation procedures for OS X. I installed the office suite under one user account with admin access and then switched to another user account with admin access. Under the second user account the office suit was not viewable. Do I have to install MS office under each user account? Surely there is an easier way to install it once for the whole computer. Thank you for your help!
  12. shwaggysuerfer

    Help with folder permissions

    Cannot change folder permissions to read/write within Tiger I just purchased a Mac and cannot figure out why one folder will not let me read/write permissions. I created a new folder at the root drive level i.e. c:newfolder This folder was created under a user account that had admin privileges, I then logged into another user account with admin privileges and realized that I could only read the files and the folder so I took ownership of the folder and tried to change permissions to read/write. The operating system would not let me do this so I logged back into the user account that the folder was initially created under and tried to take back ownership and create read/write access. No luck. Please let me know what I have to do so that both user accounts can have read/write privileges - currently the option to change these settings is grayed out. Thank you!