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  1. powerbook-lisette g5- angel sophia, lauren, elisabeth, anastasia are also good names i started out with princess cinderella next will be princess aurora sorry really girly i know i just got so happy with not having swearwords in their names...
  2. I used to beleive I was cursed. I couldn't sit down at the same computer for too long or too often or it would start malfunctioning. The high school had to outsource repairs/replacements of 8 computers in the lab-(small school) i was the last person, with which they were working, on 6 of them. i got a gateway with windows me from my mom in tenth grade,problems starting up, durrability, well it wasn't working. got a computer with windows xp took me a semester and i fried the hard drive and the laptop fan itself, so i wrote home from college saying i really need a personal computer for homework-labs are fine but its weird trying to time with them. And Dad sends me back a ibook G3 with jaguar-which was the newest thing at the time. its been three years and princess is still going strong-she was my rock when i worked at a computer help desk, she has done papers, presentations, movies and pictures, not to mention music. I am going to school for web design in a place that only teaches windows, but my graduation wish list is princess 2.